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"BERO – Be the Robot was originally funded on Kickstarter. With 334 backers and raising over $46,000, BERO has now been fully launched by Reality Robotics. For more information on the project and previous pledge categories please read below:


Reality Robotics Limited proudly presents the Be the Robot™ Project!

What is the Be the Robot™ project you may ask?

It is an expertly-engineered-5-motor-wireless-animated-mobile-robotic-toy-platform that features an advanced internal operating system for communicating through an open source APP with an Android™ (and iOS coming later) smartphone through Bluetooth™. After digesting all that, we thought we would summarize our awesome robot as “BERO” (pronounced, Bee-Ro), a nickname for our Be the Robot™. What better companion could there be for your Android™ smartphone?"