Mendeley platform reveals global science reading trends | Science ouverte - Open science |
A report finds "compelling evidence" that low R&D spend correlates with less access to academic papers, and time spent studying them.


A low spend on research and development (R&D) by a country may be limiting researchers' access to academic papers, and could be undermining their productivity and achievements, a report has found.


Limited access to scholarly content, which is a particular problem in developing nations, may have an indirect but negative impact on the number of papers published and Nobel prizes won, according to the 'Global Research Report',published by research collaboration platform Mendeley yesterday (1 November).


Such links between R&D spending, journal access and achievement highlight the potential benefits of open source academic publishing, particularly in low-income countries, the report says. (...) - by Jan Piotrowski,, 2 novembre 2012

Via Julien Hering, PhD