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Rescooped by Julien Hering, PhD from Digital tools for researchers!

CrossRef and DataCite announce new initiative to accelerate the adoption of DOIs for data publication and citation

DataCite and CrossRef have agreed to collaborate to:

- Enhance the interoperability of their respective systems in order to make it easier for publishers, data centres, libraries and third parties to integrate with the scholarly DOI ecosystem.

- Provide comprehensive support for interlinking between articles and data.

- Develop open APIs and open source tools to surface citations and other relationships between publications and data sets. 

- Integrate into their services other existing scholarly communications initiatives such as ORCID and CrossRef’s FundRef.

- Develop systems, workflows and best practices for using DOIs to reference large, highly granular and dynamic data. 

(10 November 2014, Oxford, UK)

Via Tree of Science
Tree of Science's curator insight, March 13, 2015 7:59 PM

With the huge increase of data in scientific research (+30% every year), the data management becomes now a critical issue and implies also more links of publications to their data. Moreover the community of researchers is going more and more in the open research process to open data and thus improve their reuse (reproducibility), citations, and sharing. 

In this area, DataCite and CrossRef manage around 75 millions DOIs that identify research objects. In order to accelerate their growth with the adoption of DOIs for data publication and citation, they decide to collaborate and improve their interoperability. Other platforms for researchers integrate DOIs:  for data management like Figshare (1 millions) and for scientific blogging like The Winnover.

Scooped by Julien Hering, PhD!

figshare announces new partnership with the Public Library of Science - Digital Science

figshare announces new partnership with the Public Library of Science - Digital Science | Science 2.0 news |

figshare, a community-driven open data project, today announced a new partnership with the Public Library of Science (PLOS) to aid the visualisation of different types of data across the PLOS journals and make the data more widely accessible. figshare will host the supplemental data for all seven PLOS journals, as well as provide a widget that will enable PLOS users to view data in the articles in the browser alongside the content. figshare was founded by Mark Hahnel, and is part of the Digital Science portfolio. (...) - by Kaitlin Thaney, Digital-Science, January 30, 2013

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