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Raising a Moral Child

Raising a Moral Child | School Psychology Tech |
The tactics are different from those used for encouraging achievement.

Via Gust MEES
Ivon Prefontaine's curator insight, April 14, 10:14 AM

This is hard to research, but a tentative conclusion would be to praise the character revealed rather than the actions. I think it is important to know the child and situations, but it makes a certain amount of sense.

Deanya Lattimore Schempp's curator insight, April 14, 3:23 PM

Great linked-out presentation of research studies by NYT Sunday Review columnist Adam Grant.

Is this the model of research essay that we will be teaching in class after two more MLA updates?  ;-)

Ofelia Rita Casillas's curator insight, April 15, 1:02 PM

Children imitate what you do,not what you preach!

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7 Ways to Raise an Ethical Child

7 Ways to Raise an Ethical Child | School Psychology Tech |
Why we must nurture children's hearts as well as minds: 7 ways to teach kids strong, ethical behavior and character in a decade of moral erosion

Via Gust MEES
Nancy Jones's curator insight, January 12, 9:01 AM

I particularly like the part that concerns  to train for positive assertion versus constant compliance. The compliance to please teachers versus the ownership of learning all  to please parents often provides a conflict for me. 

Jenn Alevy's comment, January 13, 12:44 AM
The only concern I have and I have not read the book, is that her assertions seem to be feeding into the culture of fear and would like to see the stats she refers to when she says youth crime is on the rise. And whose morals is she talking about? People come from a variety of countries and cultures, I hope she does not assume we are all on the same page about 'moral' issues, she may be more conservative while others are more liberal in their beliefs.
Ness Crouch's curator insight, January 14, 6:30 PM

This is an important article. Some teachers find themselves in situations where they are teaching ethical behaviour to children. This is worth a read.