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What makes new literacies new?

Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel (2012)

"It is too easy to make light of ‘new literacies’ by saying things like: “Well, there are always newer ones coming along”. Such remarks suggest new literacies have a similar kind of life trajectory to an automobile: new in 2009, semi-new in 2010, and old hat by 2011. Against this kind of “that’s so yesterday” perspective, we suggest in this article that ‘new literacies’ are best understood in terms of an historical period of social, cultural, institutional, economic, and intellectual change that is likely to span many decades – some of which are already behind us."

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Better Beginnings

"Reading helps kids fly

The State Library of Western Australia believes that literacy transforms lives.

Through Better Beginnings, we want every child to have the wonderful and very important experience of sharing books and stories with the adults in their life right from the time they are born.

Better Beginnings supports parents in reading to children so that they build the early literacy skills they need to become good readers and succeed at school."

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