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Using technology to engage reluctant readers

Using technology to engage reluctant readers | School libraries for information literacy and learning! |

"There’s been some recent research from the National Literacy Trust showing that more and more children are reading from the screen of an electronic device rather than from books. Surprising? Not really. When you consider that many schools offer students daily computer access and have other types of technology such as tablets and interactive whiteboards, it appears to make sense. The study shows, however, that this penchant for digital reading is “potentially detrimental to children’s reading levels”. So should we try and curb children’s enthusiasm for electronic texts?"

Via Heather Stapleton
Janet Law's curator insight, August 12, 2013 3:22 AM

This is a good read to start reflecting on how technology can cater to learning needs of diverse learners. Like it or not, technology is here to stay. As educators and parents, we have to be open minded about what really engages our children and facilitate their learning with access to these media whilst being aware of the pitfalls too and guide them as this new generation navigates their journey of learning.

Scooped by Anu Ojaranta!

Digital Reading on the Rise for Children (With a Qualifier)

Digital reading is rising fast among children ages 6 to 17, but this is not necessarily translating into a greater desire to read, a new Scholastic report says.
Anu Ojaranta's insight:

Interesting results in the study, for example how e-readers are effecting the willingness to read for boys.

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