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I’m currently iterating some work around Web Literacies for the Mozilla Foundation (you can see the latest version of my thinking here). Perhaps the biggest consideration when dealing with so-called ‘New’ Literacies is distinguishing them from one another, so what I want to consider in this post is the relationship between Digital literacies and Web literacies. Aren’t they just synonyms?


The topic of digital literacies was the focus of my doctoral thesis, which is available to read online at The conclusion I came to after delving deeply into the research was that we need to always talk about literacies in their plurality and that there are broadly eight essential elements to digital literacies. My question when it comes to Web Literacies, therefore, is whether (a) they constitute a subset of Digital Literacies, (b) they are wholly distinct from Digital Literacies, or (c) there is some overlap between the two. These three positions are represented by the graphic at the top of this post.

Via Dennis T OConnor