CISSL Residential Summer Institute @ Rutgers University  June 27-29, 2012 | School Libraries around the world |

Mark your calendars for the
Second Residential CISSL Summer Institute:

Guided Inquiry and Student Learning

June 27-29, 2012 at Rutgers University

For Teams of Teachers, School Librarians and Administrators

This is a rare opportunity for a team from your school to learn how to

design and implement Guided Inquiry, a method that transforms the way

PreK-12 students engage with information to build creativity, critical

thinking and deep understanding for academic success and career readiness.

Based on the extensive research of the Center, Guided Inquiry provides a

visionary, constructivist approach to addressing Common Core Standards

and developing students as reflective thinkers, creative learners and

producers of knowledge.

Faculty includes renowned leaders in learning: Carol Kuhlthau, Ross

Todd, Leslie Maniotes and LaDawna Harrington.

Contact Dr. Mary Jane McNally:

Details and application available Feb. 1 at


Dr Ross J Todd

Associate Professor

Director, Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries (CISSL)

School of Communication& Information

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

4 Huntington Street, New Brunswick , New Jersey USA 08901

Tel: 732 932 7500 Ext 8223, Fax: 732 932 6916

Office: Room 201 Huntington House (184 College Av)

School Library Specialization in MLIS ranked #1 (USA News& World Report,
April 2010)