Venice The Inspiration for This Summer's Coco Noir Fragrance by Chanel | scatol8® |

Interesting to note how Venice, Murano glass and anything the like inspires world famous artists and creators. Gabrielle Chanel came the first time to Venice in August 1920 to mourn the only man she ever loved, Boy Capel, not knowing that this was just the first of many to this fascinating city.

Her journey there did not only help her to recover, but also inspired her to add to her simple and sober style Venetian colors, gold and baroques arabesques: an ode to the Byzantine art, the sense of grandeur.

Venice is a city of many symbols, symbols that resonated in the heart and mind of Mademoiselle Chanel. Deeply superstitious and a firm believer in zodiac signs, she discovered Venice to be a place that reunited them all.

Coco Noir, the new fragrance which was launched this August by Chanel has been inspired by the mysterious and inscrutable Venetian memories of Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. In 1984 there was the sensual delight called Coco, followed in 2001 by Coco Mademoiselle and now Coco Noir which all perfectly match the Oriental scents that have been long time characterizing Chanel, since the brand’s founding.

Coco Noir a generous heart that gradually reveals the striking sensuality of rose, with delicate accents of geranium leaf, a burst of bergamotte, patchouli and tonka bean is already available in stores around the world or online

Via Aida Guemati