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A knotty lattice of colorful play-tubes is an intriguing use of a public space.

They say the city is an urban jungle. But an urban jungle gym? A\V Studio‘s new design for a spunky tubular playground at the foot of Morphosis’ Cooper Union New Academic Building proposes just that. "CMYPlay" is a knotty lattice of colorful play-tubes embedded in the ground floor of the Morphosis building, with crawl spaces wrapped around slanting columns and each other in a dense social thicket "befitting of Manhattan." The fanciful design is an appealing gesture and an intriguing use of what is virtually empty space.

An entry to the 3Dimensional Front,"CMYPlay" creates an interactive space outside the Milavec Hakimi Gallery at 41 Cooper Square. A\V Studio’s proposal "thickens" the facade by rehabilitating the underskirt area as an active social space within the local city fabric.

Burrowing visitors will (quite literally) run into strangers and colleagues alike, while the tops of the tubes can be street furniture. The clash of color and use of plastic are a pointed contrast to the details and surfaces of the Morphosis building. Also, the tubes could be recycled and sent to various playgrounds and schools to be re-used...

Via Lauren Moss