50 Top Sources To Become A Better Teacher | scatol8® | Scoop.it
Teachers may spend their days imparting knowledge to others, but that doesn’t mean they should stop learning themselves.

A look at 50 resources for teachers to continue their growth as learners and educators, split into the following sections:

* Essential Resources - sites "filled to the brim with articles, resources, and learning materials for teachers"

* Courses and Workshops - sites to check out for professional development courses/workshops (free and for a fee)

* Field Specific - if you are looking for "professional development materials specific to the area in which you teach" check out this section of the post

* Skill Building - are there specific skills you need to learn for your classroom? These may help you out.

* Groups and Organizations - more offerings of professional development resources for teachers

* Social - ways to "reach out to other teachers and educational professsionals"

Via Beth Dichter