Sustainability Reporting & GRI Focal Point USA: One Year Later | scatol8® |

By Hank Boerner

Focusing on the huge market we usually refer to as "Corporate America," the folks who run nonprofit Global Reporting Initiative [GRI] in Amsterdam organized a concentrated effort to encourage more U.S. companies to adopt the GRI G3 framework for their sustainability reporting.


Focal Point USA officially opened for business in New York City early in 2011 with great fanfare -- including a hosted reception and bell-ringing exercise at the New York Stock Exchange. From 2010 to 2011, the number of U.S. sustainability reports including a GRI content index has grown almost 50 percent. In 2011 alone, 345 reports were published, of which 273 used the GRI framework, according to our research. And the number is growing as we continue to find more reports to add to the total.


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