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Que hay en salud? Tendencias y nuevas formas de lograr mejoras sanitarias en las comunidades
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Wearable Devices and Health Behavior Change

Wearable Devices and Health Behavior Change | Salud Publica |
Opinion from JAMA — Wearable Devices as Facilitators, Not Drivers, of Health Behavior Change
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Digital health is going to need medical approval and a great UI

Digital health is going to need medical approval and a great UI | Salud Publica |

So far the internet of things hasn’t made much headway into patient care in the medical setting, but consumers are buying wellness devices for a variety of reasons. Will the medical world embrace that data?


The intersection of healthcare and connected devices was thrown into high relief these last few weeks as both Apple and Samsung unveiled ecosystems to take consumer health data and turn it into actionable intelligence.


But this week’s guests at the Weekly podacst at GigaOm are confident that as advanced as consumer-grade consumer grade health devices get, they won’t become something doctors are hot on for years to come — if ever.


In this week’s podcast Stacey Higginbotham discusses medical connected devices and where it may meet the consumer with Rick Valencia from Qualcomm Life. Will doctor’s prescribe our apps or devices? 

 Listen to the podcast at  Original article at ;

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Vigisys's curator insight, June 15, 2014 4:22 AM

Un podcast intéressant qui évoque les freins à l'utilisation médicale des objets connectés. On y évoque le besoin de valider les usages avec des études cliniques et d'adapter les interfaces à un usage professionnel. Que du bon sens !