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How can sales coaching change your business
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5 Types of Social Media Content Your Audience Really Wants

5 Types of Social Media Content Your Audience Really Wants | sales mentoring |
Social media has provided brands and audiences a unique way to connect, but there's a fine line between providing useful, entertaining content and spamming.

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Want engaged employees? First, do lots of listening - Ask Annie -Fortune Management

Want engaged employees? First, do lots of listening - Ask Annie -Fortune Management | sales mentoring |
The way most of us go about trying to influence others is exactly backwards, says a new book. Here’s how to get it right.

Via Billy R Bennett
Billy R Bennett's curator insight, February 18, 2013 5:43 PM

A familiar story...

How many times have you seen this... a company repeatedly attacks the same poor performing unit by sending in new managers with the instructions to "turn things around."

You would think that when two managers fail in succession then the INSANITY alarm would go off - (you remember "insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results").   Perhaps someone would say Hmmmm, that didn't work we must try something else.  But NOOOOOOO!   That does not happen...usually.  In fact, we frequently see the pattern of continuing to replace managers until... 

  1. You find one that works
  2. Reorganize the unit into another VP's  area
  3. Sell the business
  4. Outsource the activity

The costs of each of these options is large...VERY LARGE!  Customer issues, waste, error rates... costs, costs, costs.

Rarely, do senior mangers do as Anne suggests... start by listening.  In fact, if you are the senior manager who keeps rotating managers into a failing unit I would say you definatley are not listening

Several years ago the Benelux GM of client said to me "Billy, we have replaced four managers of this facility in under 3 years.  Before I place one more in there to fail, do you think we could try something else?"  

We did.  He had the courage to bring in resources and we were a part of that.  The result was an operating unit going from last palce to the benchmark for all other operations.  They were not only fixed - they became models for everyone else.

Here are the steps that might help you:

  1. Algin resources with experience in tackling problem units.  Don't just pick the next manager - it usually takes a team.  We call then Intensive Care Teams.   If did not get into this mess with one manager... it won't get better with just one more.  If you don't have them available inside, then get professionals from the outside.
  2. Start FORMAL listening... Show you care by asking questions.  We use surveys (100% mandatory participation), followed by intense feedback sessions where people can say more about results... followed by actions 
  3. Support people fixing their own challenges.  Let the people in the unit have more than just input into the problems - help them to fix the problems themselves.
  4. Hold multiple open discussion forums along the way where questions can be asked and answered.  Let people know that this is not a "one and done" action.
  5. Be clear about Winning! - often when performance and engagement are this bad, then it is very likely that the definition of winning is very unclear to the people in the work unit.  Spend time defining and discussing.  Again, this is not a "one and done" conversation. 
  6. Look for ways to redesign work that allows for better alignment and engagement - the more control people have over the work, the more they make things work!

You do not have to keep the insanity going by continuing to do the same thing over and over again.  Bad operations can be fixed more often than you think... but not by revolving door managers.

We put "intensive care teams" into failing units.  It is a unique approach but it does work.

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Social Media and Social Change: How Young People are Tapping into Technology

Social Media and Social Change: How Young People are Tapping into Technology | sales mentoring |

Today, 43% of the world’s population is 25 years old or younger. This young group is impatient and ready to change the world. Change for this generation “has everything to do with people and very little to do with political ideology,” according to a new global survey, Some 70% of young people believe that social media is a force for change, says the survey.

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The HUB's curator insight, January 21, 2013 8:02 AM

Today, 43% of the world’s population is 25 years old or younger. 

Billy R Bennett's curator insight, January 28, 2013 11:36 PM

HR leaders...thfuture the generation you must prepare for.

Arie Van Baarle's curator insight, March 23, 2013 4:19 PM
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The Best Gifts To Give Your Website!

The Best Gifts To Give Your Website! | sales mentoring |

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Laura Brown's comment, January 1, 2013 11:59 AM
It's not clickable for me. I'm too old to read printing that small and too lazy to change my web browser settings for just one item.
The Fish Firm's comment, January 1, 2013 9:06 PM
Those who pay attention to this will be ahead of the game... download here
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Zanimiv pristop postavitvi spletne strani - terminski plan

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Live field sales training is not only good but essential to good sales figures

stephen gage's insight:

If you are a Managing Director or sales manager of a HVAC manufacturer it is important that you actually measure how good your salespeople are face to face with your customers(Consultants & contractors).

You don't find professional football managers training their footballers Monday to friday only to miss the competitive match on saturday.

However at Kite associates we see many manufacturers who don't know how their teams perform in the competitive arena of customer face to face visits.

Seeing salespeople once a month at National /regional sales meetings is fine & you can learn significant things about their presentation skills,how well they know the project status on their area , but you dont see actual sales performance.

We believe at kite associates that setting aside some of your marketing/sales budget to this activity increases sales performance & keeps your team focused on good habits.

It does not take long for salespeople to fall back into bad habits or cycles of behaviour that are not benefiting the individual or the employer

stephen gage's comment, January 15, 2013 11:24 AM
learning,developing & improving performance gives companies the competitive edge they might need
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Getting specified with consultants

stephen gage's insight:

The majority of salespeople in the HVAC marketplace miss a big opportunity to either deliver an outright specification to a consultant/Architect etc.The tendency is to have their products added to an ever growing list of preferred manufacturers.

The approach at Kite Associates is to mentor salespeople to persuade consultant customers that their product is the correct choice for that specific project not just an equivalent or equal & approved.

Their is an enormous amount of pyschology involved when we give permission to our customers to agree we are equal but not better than our competitors.

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selecting & developing the right talent

Get the correct employees on the bus first to become a great business


stephen gage's insight:

If you are an lead commercial manager or director in your business and your team are not performing you generally have two choices.Blame the market place for diminishing share or you can blame the talent/performance of your team!

You can't create a bigger market but of course you can dominate your market & increase your share!

To do this you need to look no further than your existing sales team.The majority(90%) of most salesman state they "fell into selling because a colleague or ex boss suggested they would be good at selling" This maybe the case but it does not follow that the individual either has enormous passion for the role & is naturally talented at selling & marketing their company services.

At kite associates we can assess & pinpoint whether your sales team have natural & unending passion for their job.These people will always perform at a high level  and see being a salesman/commercial communicator as part of who they are.The salesperson that can do the job but is enduring the role rather than developing & growing their talent/passion is a problem.


So looking for killer products & services although important is not always the first place to look when developing & growing sales.

Having the right people on the bus is essential to continued success Don't cut corners & don't employ people just because they have the correct relationships with customers.

Long term performance is always based on their innate passion the individual has for their chosen career .


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change:coming to a workplace near you

change:coming to a workplace near you | sales mentoring |
stephen gage's insight:


It has been said many times that change is something we find uncomfortable & often fear the most.Sticking with the status quo makes employees feel comfortable & requires little thought about how we as individuals & consequently companies operate.

However if we look at the changes in social media & the potential "Death of the high street"we can see that an exercise in looking at your own business sector strengths & weaknesses maybe worthwhile.

For many years it was thought that watching Tv on a computer was available but wouldn't necessarily overtake TV,it's true that Televison's still predominate,however the 20 something generation watch most of their entertainment on line.

The internet is clearly changing everything we think or do & that requires a different approach to not just connecting with people but how we communicate with each other,influence each other & of course serve each other.

As a business consultant my company regularly ask's our clients are you using the marketing tools at your disposal properly or are you sticking with the status quo?

By looking at your own business sector & the potential gains of talking to your audience through social media & the on line generation may give your business the competitive edge you were looking for.

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Reaching Social SEO Outcomes With Four Action Steps

Reaching Social SEO Outcomes With Four Action Steps | sales mentoring |

Listening, Content, Socialize and Measure could just as well be represented as a cycle, but I think the forward direction is important because you can’t reach outcomes without action.

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Marketing, Sales & The Missing Link

Marketing, Sales & The Missing Link | sales mentoring |

Traditional marketing - at it’s best - generates ‘top-of-the-funnel’ leads while traditional sales - at it’s best - converts a small percentage of those leads into sales. While in the meantime, marketing blames sales for not delivering enough new business, and sales blames low customer conversion on the lack of quality support from marketing. So what’s the missing link?

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Marius van der Merwe's curator insight, January 12, 2013 5:50 PM

It eventually boils down to ord-of-Mouth marketing.

NajeebKunjikka Mayin T's curator insight, January 14, 2013 7:32 AM


Pascal Brassier's curator insight, February 9, 2013 7:59 AM

See research on this points: marketing and sales gap/links.

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8 Strategies for Launching a Brand Presence on Pinterest

8 Strategies for Launching a Brand Presence on Pinterest | sales mentoring |
Many marketers have heard of Pinterest, but despite this, most brands have yet to hop on the hottest new social network. In this article, we'll look at why Pinterest is importan...

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stephen gage's insight:

This is a very quick growing site & must not be ignored

Kris Tay's curator insight, January 8, 2013 7:34 PM
Yes, Pinterest is an important platform. Brands should jump on this network.
Michael Druker's comment, January 9, 2013 8:22 AM
A great new search engine which combines Pinterest, Thefance and New and cool way to enhance Pinterest experience
Kaye Judge's curator insight, February 2, 2013 12:08 AM

Visual communication is highly underused

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Five Great Ways to Send Your Sales Skyrocketing - Part 1

Five Great Ways to Send Your Sales Skyrocketing - Part 1 | sales mentoring |
1.Define your best customers and target them relentlessly...

Via Daniel O'Donnell
stephen gage's insight:

Very simple tip but extremely effective,best way to identify customer & sell al your services to those clients


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