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You want to break that squad into three different sections causing it each one of those points want to get all way down the bottom jump as hard as you possibly can nice full jump squat then start right back into it again 5 I've for 3 to wine and let her relax that's one round down we got three more to go 5 for 3 to one and start-up focus on keeping those knees bent always in a little bit of a squad the entire time never completely locking your knees out and letting your legs rest you want those legs a concert be having to work ski begun 5 for 3 to wine and let her relax nicely done two down two more to go 5 for 3 to one and start-up makes your getting 100 percent effort on every single squat jump really trying to get up off the ground as high as he possibly can before you jump right back into that squad course again three different positions constantly working those legs 5 for 3 to wine and let her relax that's three down his have one more round to go 5 for 3 to one and start-up.

This is your last round through this to make sure everything on whether to jump squats is as hard as you possibly can as much distance of the ground as possible nice slow recall dropping down three different positions on that squad 5 for 3 to wine and let her relax nicely done as the last one of those which means we're also done with her hip or service routine to all we have left is a cool down stretch shorts go ahead get started to go into a boxer shuffle keep those feet moving keep your heart rate up this little bit star bring it down nice and slow.

Just gradually start slowing these motions down as you go through each one of them our Nexus S coming up with me in up in over sidestep and start ups also has come swinging up over top your head down to one foot the other foot kind kicks back behind you just keep altering back and forth side to side stress in his arms and legs out just a few more sec one re moving on to shoulder rolls next switcher nice big fall rains emotion that shoulder squeezing it up towards those years down in front squeezing up towards his ears and down aback make a nice big circular motion with that shoulder really try to stretch out that back and that chest squeeze the shows up to those years as high as you can each time.