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Independent Artists and the $Billion Gaming World!

Independent Artists and the $Billion Gaming World! | Show Up Public |

Via stan stewart
Hack Your Craft's insight:

Where it would be an opportunity for a band to get publishing with a video game and have their music heard by the billion dollar gaming industry this is usually facilitated by the muscle of big labels (that is if they give a damn about you to begin with). But once again, technology and a little cooperation finds its way to the door of the independent. There is a huge gaming world out there that doesn't include big name games or even games you pay for. As this article explains:

"Free-To-Play, web-based Flash games are a massive source of entertainment for millions worldwide. It’s possible to commission custom games for marketing purposes (often called ‘Advergames’) and they’re perfectly suited to help get your music heard.... Custom Advergames don’t come cheap, but they don’t have to cost the earth either. Keeping it fairly simple is the key, and having a band of four or more members to split the cost, may just make it financially viable."

This challenges the independent niche market to think of your music as an interactive visual. You take the time make videos, you can take the time to think of your work interactively. A good game designer can customize a game's look and feel to your music. If this doesn't seem like a sound financial investment for your band or if you are a tip jar soloist then it is time to think cooperatively. This is where the social connectedness of local music communities should come in to save the day, that is if we have not moved to far away from that. If there are bands you are friendly with and your collective sound could benefit from a free-to-play game then put your heads and wallets together and have some fun creating a game that may truly benefit you all. The article breaks down some of the benefits if you are unfamiliar with the massive gaming market. 


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Digital Music News - The Following Music Organizations Will be Dead or Dying In 5-10 Years...

Digital Music News - The Following Music Organizations Will be Dead or Dying In 5-10 Years... | Show Up Public |

Via Pierre Priot
Hack Your Craft's insight:

When I was starting in the business deciding which Performance Rights Org to affiliate myself with was a matter of who catered to the independent or who favored one genre over another. ASCAP was about the big players on radio, where as BMI did better with college radio. BMI, according to some insiders, favored country, rock or pop as oppose to urban (race issues within the industry is for an entirely different post or book, rather). Now it seems technology may neutralize this strategy. Technology may allow for licensing and performance royalties to be collected directly from venue to artist, API or possibly a centralized site or app.


Just as Spotify has centralized P2P sharing, arguably in favor of the labels, a new start up may centralize performance licensing.  Unlike Spotify, this may be a good thing for the independent if royalties are not compromised in the shift, as they have been with Spotify. I write this with dampened hope because currently the PROs  collect say roughly 30cents for every radio play of a song where as Spotify collects a fraction of a fraction of that for every stream.  

Pierre Priot's curator insight, February 13, 2013 1:37 PM

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