Meneré, un client RSS Windows (très basique) pour Feedly, Fever, Feedbin, Tiny Tiny RSS et Commafeed | RSS Circus : veille stratégique, intelligence économique, curation, publication, Web 2.0 |

Meneré is a Windows desktop client to various RSS services. I brings them to a native Windows desktop (Windows 7 and up) application and includes stuff like Snarl notifications. There are two versions: a free version “only” supporting one account’s unread items and the full version which gives you all service types (even multiple at once) next to stuff like read items listing or saved items list. The full version will be 5.99 . when Meneré 1.0 is finished – until than no differences are between both versions.

Meneré is currently a work in progress so always have a look at the blog for recent updates – Meneré is auto updating so. When completed it will feature a wide range of RSS aggregation services.