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The Dead Rhetoric of War: Chris Hedges

The Dead Rhetoric of War: Chris Hedges | Rhetoric | Scoop.it

The intoxication of war, fueled by the euphoric nationalism that swept through the country like a plague following the attacks of 9/11, is a spent force in the United States. The high-blown rhetoric of patriotism and national destiny, of the sacred duty to reshape the world through violence, to liberate the enslaved and implant democracy in the Middle East, has finally been exposed as empty and meaningless. The war machine has tried all the old tricks. It trotted out the requisite footage of atrocities. It issued the histrionic warnings that the evil dictator will turn his weapons of mass destruction against us if we do not bomb and “degrade” his military. It appealed to the nation’s noble sacrifice in World War II, with the Secretary of State John Kerry calling the present situation a “Munich moment.” But none of it worked. It was only an offhand remark by Kerry that opened the door to a Russian initiative, providing the Obama administration a swift exit from its mindless bellicosity and what would have been a humiliating domestic defeat. Twelve long years of fruitless war in Afghanistan and another 10 in Iraq have left the public wary of the lies of politicians, sick of the endless violence of empire and unwilling to continue to pump trillions of dollars into a war machine that has made a small cabal of defense contractors and arms manufacturers such as Raytheon and Halliburton huge profits while we are economically and politically hollowed out from the

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Free Gold - The End Game Now In Process :: Jim Sinclair's Mineset

Free Gold - The End Game Now In Process :: Jim Sinclair's Mineset | Rhetoric | Scoop.it

As the premium on physical gold remains above the cash spot futures contract including shipping and insurance to destination, the demise of paper gold is certain. The emancipation of physical gold from fraudulent paper gold is in process right now.


Emancipating physical gold is freeing gold. Free gold is the final product of this transition. Forget argumentation as the phoneme in process has its foundation in granite. This process is taking place in the world markets, today, right now!


It is an undeniable fact and shock to the paper trader as they manipulated the paper price of gold sharply lower kick starting this major monetary shift.


These paper traders have initiated the transition to Free Gold. The paper gold traders have fashioned their own economic demise. For the COMEX that is what would be expected.


I do not hold too many of the tangential and political thoughts of Free Gold. Those are products of its new adherents. As a movement gains followers they usually destroy the truth, the teacher, or both.


Freegold – Preferable to a gold standard? 


Author FOFOA

When people bring up going back to a gold standard, many – including the hard money advocates – want to return to a gold standard because of the disciplinary function of gold within the monetary system. Physical gold has proven a very good instrument against government debasement in the monetary system. However, what the gold standard advocates overlook, is the actual effectiveness of the gold as money, and the way to get to a gold standard. ...

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No, the House GOP Isn't Standing Up for Kids With Cancer

No, the House GOP Isn't Standing Up for Kids With Cancer | Rhetoric | Scoop.it
The National Institutes of Health has become a symbol of the shutdown. But the GOP's preferred budget enshrines massive cuts.
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