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At the July Food+Tech Meetup, the theme was distribution — more efficiently getting food from farm to fork. Presenters from three startups outlined how they are tackling the issue, their business model and their vision for a new food system, including Matt Hatoun of Wholeshare, Jennifer Goggin of FarmersWeb and Arnie Katz of Relay Foods. Also presenting was George Fatakhov on behalf of Appetude, a dish discovery startup.
Some of the new distribution efforts represent a different take on CSAs. For instance, Wholeshare brings together individual shoppers and leverages their group-buying power to order directly from the source. For instance, say a local farm is selling a 10 lb block of cheddar but you only want 1 lb. Wholeshare allows you to split that block of cheese with others in the group and each take a share.

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