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Learn which quantity and quality metrics to use for better sales and marketing alignment.


Sales and marketing alignment takes work. Lots of organizations have the idea to get both teams in a room together, communicating, collaborating, and all those other warm and fuzzy things that make our hearts flutter.


Problem is, that all just turns into a lot of hogwash and fingerpointing -- especially when the bottom line isn't getting hit -- when there isn't anything but "feelings" to back up the discussion.


That's why it's critical sales and marketing should track shared goals and metrics to keep each team accountable to the other. When your two teams get on the same page with these 12 metrics -- that address both quantity and quality -- you'll find it's easier to objectively evaluate your respective performances without devolving into unproductive blame games that don't do anything to advance your company's goals. Here are the 12 metrics that will serve as the missing piece in your attempts at sales and marketing alignment!


12 Metrics Sales and Marketing Should Track to Stay Accountable