The Abstract :: North Carolina State University :: Choosy Mothers Choose Skin? One Way to Make Peanut Products Healthier | Research from the NC Agricultural Research Service |

"Peanuts taste good and are good for you. But a new NC State study shows that putting a bit of skin in the game can make peanut products even healthier while keeping them flavorful.


"Food scientist Dr. Tim Sanders and doctoral student Chellani Hathorn show that adding small amounts of peanut skin to products like peanut butter and peanut paste increase the nutritional value and antioxidant capacity of the products while only subtly changing the taste."


The new research appears in Journal of Food Science published online October 11,  2012 -- Here's a link to the paper:


Flavor and Antioxidant Capacity of Peanut Paste and Peanut Butter Supplemented with Peanut Skins