"Is Norovirus, a food borne pathogen? with Lee-Ann Jaykus, Ph.D., Professor, Food Science, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, NCState University, Raleigh, NC"


In this YouTube audio interview on the AME Food Testing Show (about 38 minutes long), Dr. Jaykus explains the research goals of her team, funded by a $25 million USDA grant --  USDA's largest ever for food safety.


Dr. Jaykus leads the USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture Food Virology Collaborative, which consists of more than 30 collaborators from academia, industry and government who will focus on enhanced understanding, surveillance and control of food-borne human noroviruses, with the ultimate goal of reducing the burden of food-borne disease and the human suffering it causes.


Dr. Jaykus explains that Norovirus biology differs from that of bacteria, presenting unique challenges in detection, deactivation, and infection prevention.


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