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Scooped by CALS Research, NCSU!

Worms Produce Another Kind of Gold for Farmers

Worms Produce Another Kind of Gold for Farmers | Research from the NC Agricultural Research Service |
New research suggests that vermicompost, a worm-created soil additive, helps plants grow with more vigor, and makes them more resistant to disease and insects, than those grown with other types of composts and fertilizers.
CALS Research, NCSU's insight:

Rhonda Sherman, vermicomposting specialist in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State University, comments in this article on the special properties of worm-generated compost and the suitability of certain types of vermicompost for certain plants.


Ms. Sherman also runs the only annual training vermicomposting in the world. The next Vermicomposting Conference is in Fall 2013.


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Scooped by CALS Research, NCSU!

New publication: Vermicomposting: Worms Can Recycle Your Garbage

CALS Extension Solid Waste Specialist & researcher, Rhonda Sherman, explains how to compost food waste using environmentally-friendly earthworms. Color photos.


Advantages of vermicomposting:

• Reduces the amount of garbage that needs to be collected from your home, and thus, it may reduce your garbage collection bill;
• Produces less odor and attracts fewer pests than putting raw food scraps into a garbage container;
• Saves the water and electricity that kitchen sink garbage disposal units consume;
• Requires little space, labor, or maintenance;
• Allows you to compost food discards indoors year-round;
• Produces a free, high-quality soil amendment (vermicompost);
• Spawns free earthworms for fishing.

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