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Research Capacity-Building in Africa
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China’s Pearl River Delta overtakes Tokyo as world’s largest megacity

China’s Pearl River Delta overtakes Tokyo as world’s largest megacity | Research Capacity-Building in Africa |
Several hundred million more people are expected to move to cities in East Asia over the next 20 years as economies shift from agriculture to manufacturing and services, according to a World Bank report

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Brian Wilk's curator insight, March 22, 1:23 PM

China's superheated economy has finally showed signs of slowing down and stabilizing to levels it can sustain. This should allow it to fix some of the marketing and authenticity issues it has with the products and services it produces. China is notorious for producing sub-standard products, and using unethical business practices like using antifreeze in toothpaste.

With growth like this, which is unprecedented in the sheer numbers of people now moving to these megalopolises, China must introduce controls that hinge on best practices for their work force, for their ecology, and for their reputation. Only when the world accepts China as an equal partner on these planks, can they be taken seriously on the world trading stage.

Who builds the infrastructure to accommodate these 200 million people moving to the large metro areas? How will they get enough supplies to undertake this enormous operation? China should go to school on such cities as Tokyo, New York City, and Mexico City to take away what worked and more importantly, what didn't....

Seth Forman's curator insight, March 23, 4:46 PM

Summary: This article talks about population density in the Chinese pearl river delta. It compares population density to other places as well as talking about how factors like urbanization effect population density.


Insight: This article is significant because it shows that even today physical geography can lead to urbanization and still effect population density.  



Louis Mazza's curator insight, March 26, 2:16 PM

Tokyo has been overtaken as the world’s largest megacity by China’s Pearl River Delta. The Megacity, Pearl River Delta, covers most of China’s manufacturing hotspots including cities of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan and Dongguan. This megacity now houses more people than in Canada, Argentina, or Australia. Over the next 20 years several million more people are expected to move to these East Asian Cities. The kind of urbanization that took place in Europe and Americas are starting to develop in East Asia. East Asia already contains 8 megacities and 123 cities with a population between 1-10 million people.

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Four Future P2P Scenarios - P2P Foundation

Four Future P2P Scenarios - P2P Foundation | Research Capacity-Building in Africa |

This entry is about the theory of the four future scenarios for a collaborative economy, firstly developed by Michel Bauwens. It is important to mention that Vasilis Kostakis and Michel Bauwens are working on a research monograph that explores the relation of capitalism and the Commons. The book Network Society and Future Scenarios for a Collaborative Economy is contracted by Palgrave Macmillan.

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