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The Anatomy of a Highly Shareable Infographic

The Anatomy of a Highly Shareable Infographic | Research Capacity-Building in Africa |
Make sure your infographics don't fall flat. Learn what essential elements you need to increasing sharing.

The hard truth about creating content online is the amount of time you put into it isn't always proportional to what you get out of it. We all hope that everything we do is a grand slam resulting in traffic, leads, and reporters clamoring to talk to you. 

But that's not always what happens.

Luckily, there are few things we can do to infographics to hedge our bets a bit. So, we put together the following infographic on making highly shareable infographics -- helping you rake in more views and conversion opportunities. Follow these tips, and your infographic will be much more likely to get shared. 

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Storytelling with images, what's new?

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The Essentila Elements of Infographic, piece by piece...

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Four Future P2P Scenarios - P2P Foundation

Four Future P2P Scenarios - P2P Foundation | Research Capacity-Building in Africa |

This entry is about the theory of the four future scenarios for a collaborative economy, firstly developed by Michel Bauwens. It is important to mention that Vasilis Kostakis and Michel Bauwens are working on a research monograph that explores the relation of capitalism and the Commons. The book Network Society and Future Scenarios for a Collaborative Economy is contracted by Palgrave Macmillan.

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Embedding Guides Where Students Learn: Do Design Choices and Librarian Behavior Make a Difference?

This study investigated whether library guides embedded in a university's learning management system fulfill their mission to promote library resources and maintain a librarian presence in the online course environment. Specifically, the study examined whether design elements, promotional practices, or other behaviors influenced guide use. It questioned whether students located the library guides and, if so, did students find the guides helpful. Results confirmed that students who used library guides found the guides helpful. Select faculty and librarian behaviors may also influence student use of library guides. Promotion and marketing practices, however, are not the only factors encouraging students to use library guides.

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Learning management system 

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