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Big data and open data: what's what and why does it matter?


Both types of data can transform the world, but when government turns big data into open data it's especially powerful.


Big data and the new phenomenon open data are closely related but they're not the same. Open data brings a perspective that can make big data more useful, more democratic, and less threatening.

While big data is defined by size, open data is defined by its use. Big data is the term used to describe very large, complex, rapidly-changing datasets. But those judgments are subjective and dependent on technology: today's big data may not seem so big in a few years when data analysis and computing technology improve.

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Google's Next Goal: To Stop Deforestation with Global Forest Watch

Google's Next Goal: To Stop Deforestation with Global Forest Watch | Research Capacity-Building in Africa |

Deforestation has long been cited as a problem, but a lack of accessible data meant that the general public had to take someone's word for the figures. As a result, its threat always seemed more abstract and nebulous than, say, climate change or rising sea levels.


Until now: Google has unveiled its Global Forest Watch, an online tool that monitors deforestation around the world in near-real time.

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Antonio Lopez's curator insight, February 28, 3:05 AM

One role of media should be to act like those speed monitors we see that tell us how fast we are going. Hopefully a program like Google's Global Forest Watch can help us monitor deforestation in real time.

thinking peasant's curator insight, February 28, 3:51 AM

maybe they have not gone over to the dark side for good?

Daniel LaLiberte's comment, March 10, 8:59 AM
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