Representando el conocimiento
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Representando el conocimiento
Distintas maneras de representar el conocimiento de forma gráfica
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4 Online Infographics Generators


Let’s face it, the infographics industry is exploding and now we’re seeing some new tools to help us easily create or generate simple infographics. Currently, infographics agencies charge between $2k and $5k to research, design and promote a fantastic infographic.


The following tools, which was compiled by Douglas Karr, will make development of your infographics a lot less costly, easier to design and publish, and some include reporting modules to see how well the infographics are distributed and promoted. ( – create and share visual ideas online. You may want to visit after creating your infographic to publish and share it with others.


Venngage ( – Venngage helps you create and publish custom infographics, engage your viewers, and track your results. Venngage is the most powerful infographics publishing platform ever for marketers and publishers


Infogram ( – We work with marvelous designers to bring you the best components and themes for your infographics. Simply pick whatever you like to build your own.


Piktochart ( – Piktochart is among the first online web applications to autonomize the creation of infographics. Its vision is to allow non-designers/programmers to create interactive infographics to promote their cause/brand and educate in a fun and engaging manner”


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Quand le mind mapping rencontre l'infographie

Quand le mind mapping rencontre l'infographie | Representando el conocimiento |

Cette magnifique carte interactive publiée par le Journal de Montréal été élaborée à partir des données du Budget des dépenses 2011-2012 du gouvernement québécois.

À la limite entre carte heuristique et infographie, elle dispose d'un bouton pour faire des zooms sur les détails que nous souhaitons voir et possède plusieurs points cliquables qui ouvrent une boîte de texte.

Via Frédéric DEBAILLEUL, Gilles Le Page
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