Timeline: A History of Editing goes digital with lots of new material. By Scott Simmons | Remake | Scoop.it

Posted by Scott Simmons on March 14, 2013 • 


"Timeline: A History of Editing is an amazingly detailed book about just what the subtitle says, a history of editing. Written by John Buck, Timeline is something we’ve spoken about before but it recently got even better with the release of Timeline: Digital Edition One. This iPad specific book is updated for iBooks on the iPad with “photographs, video material, original brochures and animated patents, as well as audio clips and exclusive interviews that document the lives of editors and the craft of editing from the very beginning.”


This new digital edition comes from the first volume of the book and covers the years from 1888 to 1971. That doesn’t include the digital era we’re currently living in and the NLEs we’re all familiar with but it’s full is fascinating stuff about the origins of the craft of editing as well as many of the tools. It’s very thorough and a quite fascinating read."




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