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Turkey's Marmaray project: An ambitious plan to link Europe and Asia

Turkey's Marmaray project: An ambitious plan to link Europe and Asia | Regional Geography |
As a country, Turkey is often described as a bridge between Europe and Asia. On Tuesday, for the first time, the two continents will be officially connected by a multi-billion dollar underwater railway tunnel.
Seth Dixon's insight:

Turkey is not truly Middle Eastern nor European--it is that liminal in-between space.  Possibly this tunnel will strengthen Turkey's status of having one foot in Europe and one foot in the Near East.

Al Picozzi's curator insight, October 29, 2013 7:10 PM

Istanbul has also been said to be both a European and Middle East city, some of the city is on the European side of the Bospourous.  Turkey also has been historically seen as the bridge or link between Europe and the Middle East.  This project, like the Chunnel that connects the United Kingdom to France, and therefore mainland Europe, is going to make the city even more of the economic center of Turkey and help with the sever travel between the Middle East side and European side of Turkey.  I also wonder will the EU look at this an see this as a positive for Turkey and maybe help influnce their decision to let Turkey in the EU?

Treathyl Fox's curator insight, October 30, 2013 5:28 PM

Turkey described as a "bridge"?  Have often thought of it more like a "strategic safety pin".  But bridge is good!  Linking Europe and Asia?  It's an ambitious plan alright.  But I hope that it will be successful.  No doubt, Columbus, Marco Polo, and other explorers would have wanted it this way.  :)

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