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America's Oldest Cities

America's Oldest Cities | Regional Geography |

Via Stacey Jackson
Seth Dixon's insight:

This is a great graph that not old speaks to which cities are the oldest, but also which ones have not been excpanding much since WWII. 

Stacey Jackson's curator insight, February 22, 2013 1:02 AM

The fact that Providence is number two on this list is likely due to the fact that we escaped the urban renewal era relatively intact, unlike so many other cities. It's interesting that Buffalo made it to #3 on the list. Most people probably wouldn't consider it as one of the "oldest cities in America." But when you consider Buffalo's rapid growth during the Canal Era, when it was an important Industrial city (once the 8th largest city in the US) and the fact that its population has been declining since the 1950, and therefore not constructing many new buildings, it isn't hard to see how Buffalo ended up with the third largest stock of prewar architecture.

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