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Syria’s war spills into Lebanon

Syria’s war spills into Lebanon | Regional Geography |
Dictator Bashar al-Assad, he told us, still had a chance to outlast the rebellion against him, though “it will take a couple of years and more than 100,000 killed.”


BD: This is an interesting article from The Washington Post; it outlines the spread of the Arab Spring with a key quote from Assad seen above. Possibly most important is the Post's statement on the actions of the President of the United States and his administration. I have stated before, world leaders need to step in and take action to counter act the total warfare. The Obama administration continues to take a “soft-line” approach to the issues in Syria, “(Obama administration) is pursuing the shortsighted policy of seeking to restrain anti-Assad forces. That strategy has had no effect in either country other than to empower U.S. enemies and jihadist groups.”

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Catherine Shabo's curator insight, March 8, 2013 7:45 PM

With my heritage from the Middle East, specifically Syria, I found this to be a very interesting and sad situation. Many people know of the violence that goes on in the Middle East, but not what causes it or how it affects its neighboring countries, causing the widespread of violence in this part of the world. Lebanon is catching a carry over of rebellion from the Syrian civil war and acts of violece. This is a perfect example of how Geography plays an important role on the act of civilians or the peace in an area.

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