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Uruguay’s president mulls a state marijuana monopoly

Uruguay’s president mulls a state marijuana monopoly | Regional Geography |

SC: This is just insane.  For one, personal use of marijuana is not a crime in Uraguay, but it is still a crime if you pass the limit that they give?  The limit is 40 grams, but even that doesn't make the marijuana users happy.  That is just ridiculous; there are many places that have marijuana as being illegal, and some of these marijuana users still aren't happy that they aren't getting their way.  You have to be kidding me.  They should just appreciate the fact that marijuana is legal.  They should just be quiet before it bites them and becomes illegal or something.  Castilla who is a marijuana user said that more than 40 grams shouldn't be a crime.  She said that it is affecting her individual rights and they should put a limit on it.  Give me a break.  That's all I have to say.  She needs to be happy with what she has and is able to do, before she makes it worse on herself.  Personally, I hate smoking, I hate drugs, and just anything that has to do with it.  I don't mind about legalizing marijuana because police officers have other things to worry about, such as murderders, kidnappers, robbers, or even gang violence.  But the fact that Castilla still isn't content just bothers me.  Oh well I guess.  Another thing, it mentioned that Uraguay is set to legalize abortion, making it the only country in Latin America other than Cuba to do so.  I just felt for a quick second that Uraguay just wants to be the first to do everything.

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