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33,000 flee volcano in Guatemala

33,000 flee volcano in Guatemala | Regional Geography |

DE: Despite some respiratory and eye issues, it seems from this article that no one was harmed in the eruptions. To me, this is very surprising. When I read the headline that 33,000 were evactuated due to a volcanic eruption in Guatemala, I figured there would be large death tolls. Instead, the evactuation crews managed the process very well and helped 17 villages flee the mighty act of nature. 

Cam E's curator insight, February 4, 2014 12:23 PM

It's not very often that everyone gets away scot-free from erupting volcanoes, and it's good to hear that it went well. The destructive power of those things are some of the most immense in nature. I myself climbed Mt. Etna back in 2012 and the ash from an eruption in 2005 was knee-deep in some places.

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