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Agriculture and climate change in India

Agriculture and climate change in India | Regional Geography |

We stress the importance of germplasm. Wild and extant varieties have traits tolerant to high temperature, elevated CO2 etc. These might have been discarded in the past due to low yield potential but can be made use of today as parents for the breeding of tolerant varieties to climate change. There is a need to revisit gene banks with a view to searching for unique traits required for climate change. In this search, indigenous knowledge and farmer’s wisdom have immense value.

Via Luigi Guarino
Cam E's curator insight, April 1, 2014 11:10 AM

I really like the idea behind India's innovation to combat climate change. They're looking to the past and using the more ancient techniques and knowledge which has existed on the Earth in the past, rather than creating an entirely new species of crop which we would not know the long-term effect of.

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