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China's farming history misapplied in Africa

China's farming history misapplied in Africa | Regional Geography |
Sub-Saharan Africa is being sold misguided agricultural policies based on hybrid seeds and chemical inputs.


Written by Bill Moseley, a geography professor from Macalester College, this is a fantastic example of the importance of not simply using a mass-produced "one-size-fits-all" approach to economic develop and agricultural policies throughout the world.  (Not so) Surprisingly, geography, place and local context matter. 

Cam E's curator insight, March 18, 9:38 AM

This is a big deal for me, as I'm always interesting looking into the far future for humanity as a whole. It's very important that a mistake is not made with the vast agricultural power that lays in the soil of Africa. Experiments with hybrid seeds and new technologies can yield a higher production, but at a cost we are not yet fully aware of. Many years down the line it's unclear as to what the result of this sort of farming will be, and I believe the last thing we want to do is to put all our eggs in one basket with this situation, as it could yield a worst case scenario where most of earth's farmland becomes useless for the purposes of growing due to an unforeseen long-term consequence of artificial seeds and the like. We should pursue technology with all haste and push forward without fear, but we need a reliable backup in case things go wrong.


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BBC: Can industrialised farming make Africa feed the world?

BBC: Can industrialised farming make Africa feed the world? | Regional Geography |
Fergal Keane travels to Zambia to see firsthand the effects of large-scale commercial farming on crop yields and the local population, and to examine claims that it offers not only the hope of solving Africa's food shortages, but those of the rest...

Via Luigi Guarino
MBrunelle's comment, December 8, 2011 10:38 AM
What is happening here is really critical to so many people. It is a wonder that things like this are happening in the world today, I wonder how much longer until it affects the U.S.