Reflections on Learning
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Reflections on Learning
Food for thought about the challenging and changing world  of teaching  and learning  
Curated by Carmen Arias
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Rescooped by Carmen Arias from Docentes y TIC (Teachers and ICT)!

What Is PBL Really?

What Is PBL Really? | Reflections on Learning |

El Aprendizaje Basado en Problemas según Peter Skillen. Cada uno podemos tener nuestra versión de esta metodología pero nos comenta algunos parámetros interesantes: el control, las preguntas, la confianza, la colaboración, el contenido, el conocimiento...

Y también enlace a recursos.

Via Marta Torán, Ana Rodera
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Rescooped by Carmen Arias from All About Project Based Learning!

Project Based Learning: Explained

Project Based Learning: Explained | Reflections on Learning |

A learing playlist of PBL (Project Based Learning) resources

Via Emilia Carrillo
Ashlee David's curator insight, February 13, 2014 12:40 PM

I can relate to this video. I feel most of my school career was memorizing facts to take a test then forgetting it so I could memorizing the new facts for the up coming test. We need schools to realize that this strategy isn't working and is not preparing students for the project based world we live in. By using project based learning we have students use critical thinking, collaboration, and communication to solve a problem. Students get involved and more hands on which will last in their memory longer then just trying to memorize facts for a test.