Chicago Teachers Union | The Ricketts Effect: Billionaire intrigue, Political Deception and the fight for the soul of the Chicago Public Schools. | Realschoolreform |

Now that Chicagoans are gaining awareness about the wolves in sheep clothing in our midst and how Initiatives funded by the 1 percent are vying for our hearts and minds, the fight for our schools takes on a new light.[14] The Chicago Teachers Union represents 30,000 educators who have lived and taught in Chicago for their professional lives and this year is the union’s 75th anniversary. It’s no wonder that Chicagoans by a two to one margin in a recent Tribune poll trust their teachers more than the Mayor’s Ed Reform pretenders, to improve our schools.[15] Teachers have deeper roots in their communities and honestly represent their outrage at the district’s refusal to lower class size, respect experience in the classroom, provide art, music, P.E. and world language to our students and properly staff schools with social workers, nurses, counselors and school psychologists. It is a travesty that as our city continues to suffer from record levels of violence and homicide while the powers- that- be cut vital services for our children and their schools.[16] The best reforms help to secure our future and stabilize the present. Will the real reformers please stand up!