Why I'm Eliminating the Word 'Busy' From My Vocabulary - Huffington Post | real utopias | Scoop.it

A few weeks ago, I went to visit my holistic doctor in Santa Monica, Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald, who also happens to be a dear friend and the HuffPost wellness editor. When I was at her office, she already had two patients in the rooms and I was waiting my turn. When she came out to greet me, I hugged her -- a hug is a great way to start your session with your doctor -- I said to her "Oh, you're so busy!" In the most wonderful way, she said, "Not too busy for you! You know, I never like to use that word. It doesn't mean anything to me. I live my life serving my patients as best as I can, giving everyone my full attention when they're there. I encourage my patients to stop using that word as well, because it only makes you feel more overwhelmed and not in charge of your time."