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Real Leadership! Are You Ready?
Real Leadership! Are You Ready? is a topic dedicated to sharing the key concepts presented in my new book by the same title. It offers an emboldened look at what it takes to be a Real Leader. And I promise, it is not a walk in the park or snooze in the shade. By defining leadership as movement-by-appointment and introducing concepts like Leadership Platforms built and maintained around ideas like right leadership vs. wrong leadership and born-in leadership potential vs. made-in leadership performance, this topic will share insights to ignite your thinking about leadership in places you may have never before had a spark, and it will challenge you to take that new information and use it to improve your performance...brandishing the torch of an entirely new level of a personal leadership that can be used to elevate the level of leadership in your organization. I hope you enjoy and commit to using what may be discovered here, because Real Leaders are in short supply. You could be the next one to adopt Real Leadership! Are You Ready?  If you are ready, go to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> to get started.
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5 Insecurities Leaders Have to Overcome

5 Insecurities Leaders Have to Overcome | Real Leadership! Are You Ready? |
As a leader, people naturally have high expectations of you—knowing the answer to every problem, highly reliable, calm in the face of pressure. However,...

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Richard Dillard, PMP, SSBB, ABD 7.1's insight:

It is the end of the day, if Leaders are to become REAL and Authentic, they will be vulnerable before others (those they serve) and will have to come to terms with their own limitations.  In fact, awareness and acceptance of who we really are provides the essential ingredients to action and achievement in the Leadership Enrichment LIFE-cycle.  Never stop learning, changing, growing and leading...mostly about yourself as a leader and about the impact you are having on others.

Mike Klintworth's curator insight, November 24, 2013 12:06 PM

These shortcomings, however, should not hinder you from performing your duties well. Rather, they should be considered challenges that will shape you to become a better example to other employees.

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15 Ways To Identify Bad Leaders - Forbes

15 Ways To Identify Bad Leaders - Forbes | Real Leadership! Are You Ready? |
It’s important to realize that just because someone holds a position of leadership, doesn’t necessarily mean they should. Put another way, not all leaders are created equal.
Richard Dillard, PMP, SSBB, ABD 7.1's insight:

I couldn't agree more. In my new book, Real Leadership! Are You Ready?, I talk about this at great length. By my estimation, there are two distinct classes of leaders: LEADERS IN POSITION (entitled) who imagine they are being followed, and LEADERS IN PERSON (earned) who actually look around every once in a while to find out who has chosen to follow them.


In reality, one of these leaders is an imposter (a fake) and, unfortunately, it’s the class of leader found most often: leaders in position. Interestingly enough, this class of leader may actually hold a high rank or title in the organization, but it begs a question: “What should they be called if no one is actually following them?” If we could even call them leaders it would have to be classified as Fake Leadership, which stands in polar opposition to Real Leadership! There is a way to discover the difference and to determine which class of leader you really are. Only question that remains is: Are You Ready?


Find out on April 30, 2013 by picking up a Kindle Version of my groundbreaking new work on Leadership.

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