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Susan Goding, a School Board Director in Washington State writes why UDL is the lens they need to be looking through when thinking about improving student achievement.


"UDL is a framework, based in the cognitive neurosciences, for designing learning experiences that work across a wide spectrum of learners. Its main purpose is to make sure everybody is a successful learner and reaches what we call an expert learner. That is, they know a lot, they know how to do a lot, and the love learning and they want to do it more. 


The key to Universal Design for Learning is that we are designing learning experiences which, from the beginning, are designed to be universal and to make sure everybody learns. And that design is primarily based on the power to be very flexible in allowing choices, in allowing different paths, in allowing for things to be presented in different ways. So that we reach those other two things, universal and everybody learns...”

Via Kathleen McClaskey