3 Grown-Up Books For The Hogwarts Grad : NPR | Readers Advisory For Secondary Schools | Scoop.it

July 2011 - "The Harry Potter franchise has its last hurrah on Friday, and fans like me are facing a forcible graduation from the protection of a fictional universe we've always known. I was 7 when Harry began, but I'm 21 now, and it's time to broaden my horizons beyond Hogwarts. But what to pick up first? To me, the perfect post-Potter book isn't an imitator, but rather something entirely different (darker, perhaps, or less padded with childhood optimism) that's laced with threads of familiar territory. Through striking and unexpected lenses, these three books give new life to my favorite foundations of Harry's literary magic." Annie Ropeik demonstrates how to pick the threads of one book (or series here) and pull in another for each thread. No simple genre match for this sophisticated J.K. Rowling graduate.