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One Stop Destination for Car Rental in Dubai for Tourists and Travelers

Hassle Free Car Rental Process with Luxurious Fleet of Cars

DUBAI, U.A.E – 01st Dec 2016 – Dubai is one of the most preferred holiday and tourist destinations for many tourists and visitors. It is not just famous for being a top rated shopping destination but also a getaway destination. And what better way to enjoy this magnificent place but with one’s own luxurious car!!! That’s right. Tourists and local travelers can now explore Dubai driving their own luxurious car. Burj AL Madeena, one of the most trusted car hire in Dubai Company offers a fleet of luxurious cars for its customers.

This company is known for two major things. One, that it provides the best car rentals in the city and two, that it offers impeccable customer service. They offer all types of vehicles to suit different budgets. From low budget cars to the most expensive saloons and from stylish SUVs to comfortable buses for larger tourist groups, the company caters to various travel needs of their customers. They are known for their best rent a car in Dubai monthly packages which are extremely competitive. The packages are designed keeping in mind various travel as well as budget needs of the tourists and local travelers.

There are a variety of options of vehicles to choose from and different travel packages. The advantage of doing business with Burj AL Madeena is that, one can rent a car in dubai with minimum paperwork, quick processing of application, a wide range of travel options to choose from and affordable pricing. So, one can make the most out of their travel or stay here with the help of the affordable car rental services here. One need not rely on taxi or cab services or any other public or private transportation. They can travel to different holiday spots and hangouts across UAE and Dubai as well, that too at very affordable rates but only in comfortable and well maintained vehicles all the way.

To rent a car in Dubai monthly visit http://rentacardubaimonthly.com/

About Us:

Burj AL Madeena, based at Dubai is a car rental company that offers car hire services to tourists as well as local travelers. With over a decade in the industry, the company offers nothing but the best in class services by providing the most luxurious cars for their customers.


Burj Al Madeena Car Rentals
Address: Office 514, Pinnacle Building, Shaikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Phone: 055-1605252
Email: Info@babalmadeena.com
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Quick Lease Says They Offer the Best Car Rental Services in Dubai

The rates at which the services of Quick Lease are available are incomparable which means no other service provider can offer so good and high quality services at such irresistible rates.

November 30, 2016: Residents living in Dubai have a good news now. Quick Lease says that they provide the best car rental services in Dubai. The company emphatically adds that the rates at which their services are available are incomparable which means no other service provider can offer so good and high quality services at such irresistible rates. Not only that, they offer exceptional and impeccable customer service as well, says the company.

While doing their research to rent a car in Dubai, customers will find that they, Quick Lease, being a company that offers car rental services in Dubai, is having the latest fleet of vehicles. They will also notice that the services they provide come at unbeatable prices. Quick Lease says that customers need not worry about cancellation or amendment fees because they do not levy any such charges if customers cancel or amend before 48 hours before the scheduled pick-up time.

Likewise, those customers who pay through credit cards will also benefit because they do not charge credit card fees also, says the company. Quick Lease takes pride in pointing out that there is absolute transparency in their transactions. They also offer the best price guarantee.

Customers can rent a car in Dubai on a monthly basis also. This will benefit a number of customers because these customers need not part with their money every time they use their services, says the company.

Quick Lease further states that thanks to their car rental services, customers can rest assured that they have found a one stop solution for all their vehicle rental requirements, regardless of whether they need short-term rental services or long-term leasing. Additionally, they always endeavor to create a relaxed and professional atmosphere in all their car rental centres and the ambiance will be complemented by the friendly approach of their staff, adds the company. Their staff have been suitably trained to provide unobstructed assistance and adopt a flexible attitude during their dealings with both their customers and suppliers. This means customers can have the flexibility to enter into lease agreements that suit them.

The company proudly says that they have more than fifty latest car models of top quality and hence, customers can choose their favorite brand. Not only that, all their cars always remain prepared because they are maintained with the highest quality standards. All the cars they offer come with adequate road insurance also.

In short, those who are looking for a provider of car hire services in Dubai will be happy that they have found the right company in them, says Quick Lease.

About Quick Lease

Quick Lease provides the best car rental services in Dubai. The rates at which their services are available are incomparable which means no other service provider can offer so good and high quality services at such irresistible rates. Not only that, they offer exceptional and impeccable customer service as well.

For Media Contact:

Phone: 800-Quick (78425)

Email: contact@quicklease.ae


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Lord Micah- Latest Trending Album from Young Dread on Spotify

Get Ready for Some Real Music from Young Dread

22nd November 2016-The all new album from Young Dread is making waves in the music industry with millions of fans following him on Spotify. This soulful music is a trendy mix of pop, rap, trap, EDM, Electro-Hop and many more.

The album Lord Micah has some of the most soul-stirring music and meaningful lyrics which make it one of the most popular albums of Young Dread. Music lovers from all over the world search for Young Dread’s latest album with various songs titled Selena Gomez and Florida Georgia Line.

Lord Micah has struck a chord with youngsters flocking to download and listen to the album. All the tracks from the album can be downloaded from Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Tidal and many more. As the album was launched on Spotify, music lovers found it easier to download and listen to the album.

“The album is loved and appreciated by millions of music listeners and rap lovers across the world. It has a unique feel to the lyrics and the music which never fails to impress the listeners. The rap album release by Young Dread is completely different from other albums and this is perhaps one of the reasons why it is gaining immense popularity among youngsters and music lovers,” quotes an admirer of Young Dread

This motivational album is creating ripples in the music world with its all new trendy words and rap music. It is an exceptional amalgamation of rap music and extraordinary words. For more information on Lord Micah from Young Dread, please log on to: https://play.spotify.com/artist/6bUtVxyehq47Z5syMLefH5

About Us

Lord Micah is one of the most awe-inspiring albums by Young Dread so far. It has millions of fans and music lovers from all across the world. It has a wide online fan following on Spotify.

Media Contact

Justin Mabelton
2352 Peachtreet Street SW
Suite 235
Atlanta GA 30308
Phone 404 437 3237
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Classfiedadpros.com Says Their Special Offer to Display Ads of Their Clients Comes Free of Cost

Classfiedadpros.com will get the ad content approved by their clients before posting them

November 17, 2016: Those who are looking for a classified ad posting service may be excited with the news that classfiedadpros.com has come out with an irresistible offer. This special offer comes absolutely free of cost, proudly says classfiedadpros.com.

They point out that they are a team of Classified Ads experts who have served hundreds of clients who deal with different niches. They have also ensured that the needs of customers who are looking for a classified ad posting service are fulfilled perfectly. What differentiates them from other providers who offer ad posting services is that they carry out these tasks manually and that they have an in-house team of designers and writers for ensuring that the ads that are created for their clients are of high quality and are relevant to their brand.

They add that they are currently running a promotion that entitles customers a few free samples of their service.The process of this special offer goes like this.

They will first send to the customers ad content for their approval. Once customers give their nod, they will take just two business days for completing the postings.

After this, they will send a report to the customers providing the details of the ads they have posted. Classfiedadpros.com reiterates that this offer is absolutely free which means there is no need for credit cards, escrow money or commitment on the part of customers for using this offer.

Classfiedadpros.com points out that posting classified ads or classified advertising is a form of advertising that concisely displays the details of the services or products offered by companies. Since a number of people look into classified ads for finding providers or companies that offer the products or services they need or that can fulfill their requirements, this form of advertisement is one of the best investments online that can get excellent returns for the small investment companies make.

Classfiedadpros.com points out that this form of advertisement costs cheaper or comes free of cost but these ads usually target the right customers regardless of the area where they live or the community to which they belong or regardless of the niche of the products or services about which the ads are displayed. In short, users of this form of advertisement will get equal or better returns than the investment they may make which means the benefits of this form of advertisement simply outweigh the costs involved.

Classfiedadpros.com adds that the some types of the classified ad posting service they offer include Craigslist Posting Service, Backpage Posting Service, Social Media Posting Services, etc.

About Classfiedadpros.com and their special offer:

Classfiedadpros.com is a team of Classified Ads experts who have served hundreds of clients who deal with different niches. They have also ensured that the needs of customers who are looking for a classified ad posting service are fulfilled perfectly. They are currently running a promotion that entitles customers a few free samples of their service. This special offer comes absolutely free of cost. According to this offer, they will display the ads of customers without charging them anything.

For Media Contact:

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All About plus Size Fashion Clothing for Women

Plus Size Women’s Clothing Becomes Popular Now

21st November 2016- Gone are the days when plus size clothes for women were not available online and offline. Today there are a number of fashion stores that design and sell plus size clothes in trendy designs and styles for women of all ages.

Most women find it extremely difficult and embarrassing to shop for trendy dresses as most of the clothes are designed for women with small and slim figures. But now it is easy to find a myriad of plus size fashion clothes for women online and offline.

The blog on this website showcases information on plus size women’s clothing. According to the website, “we wanted to empower and inspire plus size women. In addition we have found that in the fashion industry there is a huge focus on size and there is a lot of pressure that make women feel like they must lose weight to be fashionable. This is especially apparent in the UK but also elsewhere in the world. This results in a couple of fractions when it comes to plus size women’s clothing. There are some women that are really affected in a bad way by this and they don’t spend any time or money on fashion because they feel like they don’t have the right body for it. There are other women out there who rebel from this trend and they devote everything to fashion to prove a point that the shape or size of your body is irrelevant when it comes to looking good.

Through this website we want to bring these two types of plus size women together. Ultimately we want every woman to be involved in fashion, to wear what they want, to set trends and to show off their bodies as much as they want to do so.”

“Our website is all about plus size women’s clothing and promoting the fuller figure in fashion. Our aim is to write about anything and everything that is happening in the world of plus size fashion. We also want to give plus size models the recognition that they deserve. Lastly we also want to inspire women of all shapes and sizes to feel confident with their bodies and to promote that statement of confidence through the clothing they wear,” asserts the writer of the website.

To know more about plus size women’s clothing, please log on to: http://plussizewomensclothing.org.uk

About us

Plus Size is a website that gives information on plus size women’s clothing

Media Contact

URL: http://plussizewomensclothing.org.uk

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Weekly Circular Ads Help Customers Keep Track Of The Discounts

Exciting offers on every item

16th Nov 2016: The customers can now get not only essential items, but also other luxurious products at really good discounts at Olcatalog.com. An average income person never dreamt of leading a life of decent standards even in his wildest of dreams before. But the website has made it possible to let the people dream big and also make it real. With huge discounts on each and every item, luxurious goods has also become reachable to the common man. The website sells a wide range of products that are categorized into several categories that include Dept & Clothing, Electronics, Grocery, Home & Garden, Office, Pharmacy, Sports and Toys. For more information on the products and the prices, customers can visit the online store for weekly ads like http://www.olcatalog.com/grocery/kmart/kmart-weekly-ads.html and the http://www.olcatalog.com/sports-toys/sears-weekly-ad.html offering wonderful discounts for the customers. These websites provide more information on the various discount offers that are presently being offered and also know the discounts that one can expect in the next few weeks.

The Kmart Weekly ad will help the people know about the various products that are lined up for sale along with information on any new products too that have just gained entry into the markets. Apart from the daily essential products like groceries, fruits, vegetables, frozen food, meat, bread, milk, snacks, cold drinks, liquors and many other items, huge discounts are also offered on other items like televisions, computers, laptops, printers, external hard disk drives, sports-toys, sports goods, shoes, dresses, watches, perfumes and many others on Kmart. All the items can be ordered online and the customer need not move an inch from his place.

The Sears Weekly ad will keep the customers on track of the weekly move of their favorite store. The customers will be updated on the launch of new products and also will be informed on the status of different products such as sports-toys, groceries, frozen food, meat, bread, snacks, liquor and many other items. This website is not related to any particular brand in the online sale. The s has been developed just with an intention to inform the people who love shopping about the various brands that are available at good discounts. The intention is to make the people derive maximum benefits out of the discounts.

About OL Catalog:

If anyone is looking for an online place which offers amazing promos and discount offers, he needs to log on to the online store www.olcatalog.com (OL Catalog). It is the only platform where one can find everything he or she wants under every category.

URL: http://www.olcatalog.com/grocery/kmart/kmart-weekly-ads.html

URL: http://www.olcatalog.com/sports-toys/sears-weekly-ad.html

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Homeforhelen.com Unveils Unique Ways to Adapt Homes for Disabled Persons

Necessity and love made Roy Cooper renovate the home he has shared with his wife Helen for over 35 years, paying attention to every little detail to improve her quality of life after she had 2 small strokes and a leg amputation.

79 year old Helen Cooper faced an almost impossible life when she suffered two strokes and the amputation of her leg. But her husband Roy came to the rescue when he designed and created brand new devices to make life in their small home not only possible, but comfortable for Helen.

Helen's impairments affected her concentration and mobility to the point that she needed 24-hour care to accomplish the simplest tasks that most of us take for granted. Roy put on his thinking cap and used his skills as an inventor to create previously unavailable gadgets to give Helen her freedom back. He modified the two rooms of their London flat so that Helen could move around freely and take care of herself without the need for a full-time caregiver. He changed her life giving her the freedom to function again and making her a very happy woman.

The resourceful Roy purchased many of the components of his inventions on-line and had them delivered to his home, allowing him to to work on his projects while keeping his eye on Helen. Ebay was a terrific resource that enabled him to find unusual components without leaving home. Roy also focused on decorating the rooms and the devices with Helen's favourite themes - tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards, also dolphins, whales, butterfly's, fairies, crystals, coloured lights and artificial flowers.

When Roy finished his work, he decided to use his self taught talents as a videographer to document his inventions in the hope that they might inspire someone else facing similar challenges. The video is now available on YouTube for anyone to watch and learn about Roy's creative process. Be sure to watch the video and see how love and creativity worked together to give Helen a happy home and improve her quality of life.

Roy has proved that love can conquer all.

youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i65-Vaw1vRU&feature=youtu.be

With so many people wanting to adapt their own homes, Roy has set up a dedicated website to explain and show how each adaption was created.


For more information about Roy's video, please contact Roy Cooper at
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Giftbaskets4baby.com launches Exclusive Baby Gift Baskets

Giftbaskets4baby.com launches Exclusive Baby Gift Baskets | Rankgeek | Scoop.it

October Best-selling Baby Gift Baskets for Corporate Customers

Nov 10, 2016: Baby gift baskets are the best sellers in the range of baby products they provide. They have a collection of gift basket sets that can be a right pick for both boy and girl babies. These gift sets are carefully woven into packages that can be given away for the holiday season, new born occasions and for birthdays. There are gifts for new moms and dads which can be personalized.

Giftbaskets4baby.com is now introducing best-selling baby gift baskets for their corporate customers. These gifts can also be personalized to add that personal touch. The corporate gift range is set with a huge range of products that are the best picks for babies. Some of the unique gifting ideas can also be seen on the website. The quick shopping and speedy delivery is making the store popular amongst the baby gift stores. These exclusive collections of gifts are best sellers with an increased customer base from all walks of life. Diaper cakes, radio flyer wagon, personalized blankets; twin’s collection, baby shower gifts and gifts for toddlers can all be shopped at discounted prices. The color combinations and the designing of the gift baskets at giftbaskets4baby.com are attracting many shoppers to choose these gift sets as best picks for give aways. The benefit of shopping at giftbaskets4baby.com is the best quality products they house which are offered at cost-effective prices. Corporate customers can shop in bulk to avail additional discounts on the entire range of corporate baby gifts.

About giftbaskets4baby.com:

Giftbaskets4baby.com is an exclusive gift store offering an entire range of baby products at offer prices. They have various categories of gifts and gift basket sets that cater to the needs of a baby. They even provide discounted offers for corporate customers and supply these gift baskets in bulk. To view the various gifts at the store visit https://giftbaskets4baby.com/

Media Contacts

Jessica Malloy

United States, Minneapolis, Minnesota




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Publix & Best Buy Huge Savings on Holiday Shopping

Assured savings for this Halloween with the Publix & Best Buy Weekly Ads

7th Nov, 2016: Halloween shopping is looking forward to many offers. All the stores announce their offer which makes it easier for shoppers to bank on some savings. Publix and Best Buy being the renowned stores also provide some of the best shopping offers that customers wouldn’t want to miss. The weekly ads on each of thes store declare the offers that make shoppers plan their holiday shopping in a way that all the products can be shelved with the coupons.

Weekly ads and store flyers are a boon to the shoppers. They provide upfront discounts on electronics from major brands making the purchases valuable and indispensable. Publix is a well known store for groceries, bakery products, and cakes for all occasions, federal credit union, catering menus and a zillion other related products. The holiday season calls for celebration of every kind and food is the main aspect. A well planned shopping is what one can achieve by keeping a track of the weekly ads. With Christmas around the corner as well these products would come in handy. The Publix weekly ad clearly showcase all the savings one can make.

Best Buy weekly ad have the best electronics offering “Discover the Latest for Less.” Electronics of all kinds can be shopped at Best Buy for best prices. Televisions, cameras, blenders, mobiles, routers and electronic accessories can be bought at discounted prices with the use of the weekly coupons. Each of the products that can be viewed on the flyers will surely attract the shoppers to upgrade all their electronics this holiday season. The season also marks gifting to the loved ones. With the discounts at which the products can be shopped at, electronic products can be gifted as well. The coupons not only help in huge savings but also help in planning future needs.

The Best Buy weekly ad are completely reliable and an assured source that can be encashed while shopping at Publix and Best Buy. A quick search can also be done using the zip code or by the state or city for coupons in the region. The latest catalogues can also be viewed on the weekly ads page.

About Publix & Best Buy Weekly Ads:

Holiday season has set in and the never ending shopping lists will definitely be a strain on the pocket. Not for the products that are shopped at Publix and Best Buy as they come with huge savings through the weekly ads. Each of the products that these stores offer comes with massive discounts. It’s time to upgrade the electronics and stock as many groceries as possible with these super-saver offers.

Media Contacts

URL: http://www.olcatalog.com/electronics/best-buy-weekly-ad.html and http://www.olcatalog.com/grocery/publix-weekly-ad.html

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Uninterrupted Online Downloads by Putlocker.ax

Uninterrupted Online Downloads by Putlocker.ax | Rankgeek | Scoop.it

Putlocker.is access through Putlocker.ax for movie downloads and online streaming

Nov 7, 2016: Putlocker.is is a recognized and highly opted online streaming service which has enabled many users to watch movies online for free. The site has inadvertently become inaccessible for users which has caused a lot of dismay for frequent online movie buffs. The site has a reputation to offer the best live streaming, box office hits and TV shows with excellent resolution. Putlocker.ax has emerged with the same aim of making these services operational for the users by retaining the legacy created by Putlocker.is.

Putlocker.ax offers movie downloads and online streaming, TV shows, updated videos that can be downloaded and watched online absolutely free of charge. The site is completely reliable and protected ensuring that no damage would occur to the personal computer. The users also need to be cautious of similar websites trying to influence the fans of Putlocker.is by launching malicious websites like Putlocker9 and Putlocker.today. Both these websites demand for the credit card details to have uninterrupted access to movies and videos. Putlocker.ax on the other hand operates on the similar channel of Putlocker.is allowing users to access the services for free and receiving quality output with every download. The new bookmark can be set to http://i.imgur.com/jPtoq69.png  for enabling quick access. This is even announced on the official website which is an assurance for users who have seen the benefit of Putlocker.is’ able services.

Putlocker.ax is gaining prominence for online streaming. The new videos which are updated frequently are attracting a lot of users to the new website. The box office hits that can be downloaded from the website are another winning feature of the new service. Users needn’t spend money on buying new movies they can simply access Putlocker.ax and watch the movie online or download it, without paying a single pie. The constant update to the movie listing is attracting many movie buffs to access the website quite frequently. The high resolution of the videos makes it easy for user and the quick streaming is indeed a blessing for those who miss the services of Putlocker.is. The bookmark access will now draw all the Putlocker.is fans to the renewed service Putlocker.ax

About http://putlocker.ax/:

Putlocker.is is a recognized name of massive movie and video downloads. Since its inaccessibility the new site Putlocker.ax has come into the limelight offering everything a fan could enjoy in the yester service. The fast streaming and the blockbuster hits can be accessed easily in just a click. The site is completely secure and user friendly. For a detailed view visit http://putlocker.ax/

Media Contacts

URL: http://putlocker.ax/

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Super Condense File Service Now Available for Quickbooks Users

Brandon, MB – Nov 4, 2016 E-tech reveals latest file service, offering faster data file exporting with latest ‘Super Condense File Service’ online.

With the normal usage of Quickbooks slowing down data files, E-tech has launched a new service to combat slowing speeds and performance on files. Their SuperCondense File Service works by reducing file sizes from 50-80% of the original file size, resulting in increased speed and transfer time.

“Data file accumulates temporary data that increases the file size,” explains John Rocha, who is the CIO of QuickbooksRepairPro.com. “Our team works to reduce the size of user's files without any negative effect on the data itself.”

The service results in smaller quickbooks files that are less prone to corruption or crashing–with faster load times and functionality. With less spaces on the hard drive, Quickbooks systems are also easier to updated with new versions.

Currently, Quickbooks Online can only convert desktop data files under 350MB in size. With E-tech’s SuperCondense Service, Quickbooks users can bring down any file size so they can easily upgrade to QB Online. More details can be found by visiting www.e-tech.ca/Quickbooks-Super-Condense-Service.aspx

About E-Tech:

Founded in 2001, E-Tech is the leading file repair, data recovery, and data conversion services provider in the United States and Canada. The company works to stay up to date on the latest technology news, reviews, and more for their customers.

For media inquiries regarding E-Tech, individuals are encouraged to contact Media Relations Director, Melanie Ann via email at Melanie@e-tech.ca. To learn more about the company, please visit: www.e-tech.ca.

Media Contact

Melanie Ann

Media Relations


136 11th St

Brandon, MB R7A 4J4



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Make Money Out Of Any Content With The Content Locking Technology

Monetize Digital Content

01st Nov 2016: The concept of cpa network has caught up the attention of millions of viewers all over the globe. This is now seen as a means of making good money. CPA stands for Cost Per Action. This refers to the cost an advertiser pays for every action that is completed. In simple terms, a restaurant advertiser will pay $5 to the person whenever he gets his friend to dine in the restaurant. The era of paying for views or number of clicks has gone. One needs to complete a certain pre-determined action to be eligible for payment. The pre-determined actions that need to be completed may include filling in a short form, such as submitting an email address, getting a quote for something, for example insurance, signing up for a free trial, entering a competition, buying a product, doing a small survey, voting in a poll or downloading an application. All these are a part of an ad network. All these processes can be done in a very easy way with the help of content locking. Content locking will encourage the =completion of the action.

The flexible content locking system allows customization of appearance. The theme settings can also be changed. There will be many monetization options. One can also change the advanced behavior settings and also set the redirect URL, user access time and campaign types. There are many other options available that one can make use of. The content locking campaigns can be optimized for content locking traffic. The traffic can be monetized from almost every country and can also be done from any device. This maximizes the EPC and overall earnings. Content lockers can also be used with post back tracking services for full integration into websites, apps, games and software.

The tracking ID's can be used to pass variables back to the platform and execute the business logic for every completion that is successful and eligible to generate a commission. The content locker tool is also mobile optimized. The tool automatically detects mobile devices. It has the capability to support traffic from all the devices and it will automatically target the best converting offers for the user's device which include iOS and Android campaigns. In a general scenario, one can earn about $ 0.20 to $20.00 per conversation that is valid. It again depends on the user's country and the device he uses. The average conversion rates normally vary between 5%-10%. This means that the earnings can be increased very quickly. The earnings and performance will also depend on other factors, including the traffic and the content that one is monetizing.

About AdLock Media:

AdLock Media is a cpa based performance network specializing in content locking technology as well as mobile based performance CPA offers.

Contact Name: John Anderson
Company: Ad Lock Media, LLC
Address: 11380 prosperity farms rd ste 204
Palm beach gardens, FL 3340
Phone: (561) 366-7883
Email: johnanderson@adlockmedia.com
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No More Fear of Skids of Yoga Mats for Those Who Are Fond of Yogic Exercises

The Yoga Towels Offered by FiveJoy Are Made of 100% MicroFiber and They Come with Silicone Anti-Skid Layer

October 28, 2016: Here is a news that may be of interest to those who are fond of doing yogic exercises. FiveJoy is offering skidless yoga towels with yoga sandbags that are made of 100% microfiber. The Silicone anti-skid layer of the towels provides a great grip to them so the yoga mats are held in place, says FiveJoy. The company further points out that the towels they offer come with a 4" deep pocket on every end so users can easily tuck their yoga mats into them. They emphatically add that the towels they offer are must-have yoga accessories and they are best-suited for all types of yogic exercises including Bikrama Yoga also.

These skidless yoga towels are perfect covers for standard foam yoga mats and they protect the mats from sweat, dirt, and direct wear and tear. The bottom side of the towels has a light layer of silicone anti-skid coating for gripping the mat in the proper manner. The grip and the pockets work together to prevent the towel from slipping around.

The top side of the towels is made of 100% microfiber and is soft. Hence, it is safe for the delicate skin of users. Thanks to the microfiber material used for making the towel, it becomes a good absorbent and so, dries quickly. The cross-weave and the high-traction waffle pattern of the towels holds the users even in precarious positions and so, there is no fear of they falling over.

The company says they are offering these yoga towels along with a storage bag with a cotton rope closure and carrying strap. The towel is large enough to also hold a hand towel or any other equipment. The company further adds that the yoga towels they offer are made in China and are machine washable with cool water. They advise users to choose the option of "gentle cycle" while running the machine for washing the towels. Similarly, the towels should be laid flat for drying. The company proudly adds that the towels do not shrink at all.

The company says that if people use their yoga mats without their yoga towels, the mats will become glossy and slippery due to the combination of oil, sweat, and dirt that may get deposited in their tiny rubber pores. Users may say that they can wash the mats often but constant washing of the mats will degrade the traction they need for doing difficult yoga postures. On the other hand, if users put the hot yoga towel they offer over their yoga mat, it stays beautifully and there is no need to adjust it thereafter, says FiveJoy. They can do any type of yogic exercise without the fear of slipping or falling.

About the Yoga Towels Offered by FiveJoy

FiveJoy is offering skidless yoga towels with yoga sandbags that are made of 100% microfiber. The Silicone anti-skid layer of the towels provides a great grip to them so the yoga mats are held in place. The towels the company offers come with a 4" deep pocket on every end so users can easily tuck their yoga mats into them. These towels are must-have yoga accessories and they are best-suited for all types of yogic exercises including Bikrama Yoga also.

For Media Contact:

Telephone: (1) 855-596-3484
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Latest Album of Ya Yah Townsend Sugar High Released

Sugar High- Recent Second Single from Alicia Townsend Stirs Your Soul

1st Dec 2016- Sugar High, the recent album of solo artist Alicia Ya Yah has been released. This new album is already creating waves among music lovers after the launch of her first single solo Chocolate Kisses.

This all new album Sugar High is a classic mix of jazz and R&B that takes the listener to a different world with the vocal performance of the artist. The track can be listened to on Spotify. It is also available on Amazon and it can be purchased on ITunes.

“Sugar High by Ya Yah is perhaps one of the best music albums that I have come across till now. I love to listen to her voice. It is a unique blend of low keys and stunning vocals when she sings through the song with confidence. I loved the way she takes the listener through the entire song. It is really heart warming and soul stirring to listen to this all new song from Alicia. I just could not stop the music that I played it repeatedly.”

The subdued music and the strong vocals make this all new album from Alicia extraordinary. It is different from the other songs released by the artist. The writing of the song, the performance and the vocalisation are commendable. It is an inspiring song from Alicia Townsend that has millions of listeners within days of its release

To know more about the latest album Sugar High from Alicia Ya Yah, please log on to: https://www.amazon.com/Sugar-High-Alicia-Yah-Townsend/dp/B01N8XLHP8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480118588&sr=8-1&keywords=ya+yah+townsend

About Alicia Townsend

Alicia Townsend, also known as Ya Yah is a professional singer, dancer and theatre artist. All her songs are unique amalgamation of sophisticated performance, warm words and extraordinary vocals.

Media Contact

URL: https://www.amazon.com/Sugar-High-Alicia-Yah-Townsend/dp/B01N8XLHP8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480118588&sr=8-1&keywords=ya+yah+townsend

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Lets-Beach.com Says They Have Carved a New Niche in Dubai by Offering Swimwear Products Online

Lets-Beach.com offers some specialty items that Dubai women cannot find anywhere else.

November 22, 2016: Here is a great news that may excite women residents of Dubai. Lets-beach.com, a Dubai-based, young beachwear trading company, is offering high-quality swimwear including Muslim swimwear, beachwear, related accessories, Burkini in Dubai online. The company takes pride in pointing out how they have carved a new niche in Dubai by offering these products online.

The online store says consumers can get into vogue mode with their trendy beachwear collections. Their women's beachwear collections are inspired by nature and they are made using the latest trendy designs, cuts and patterns for adding a flair to the personal style of their customers. Customers can choose from a myriad number of design types, including sexy, classic, chic, comfortable, romantic, and conservative types by finding what works best for them. The company says that they make it a point to suitably design every item of their collections in order to provide their customers with comfortable beachwear. They assure that there will be contemporary urbanity as well in their items so users will be able to redefine their looks.

In addition to offering beachwear in Dubai, they offer beach accessories also so consumers can have maximum comfort and fun during their leisure time. The company says that they stand apart from other peer companies because they offer their customers some specialty items such as designer Muslim swimwear, Extra size beachwear, Handmade apparel and accessories, Couple and Family matching beachwear sets, that they cannot find anywhere else. They add that all their products can be given as Gift Sets also by getting them beautifully packed with love by their team of experts.

Lets-beach.com points out that nothing can make Dubai women more confident and unperturbed on the beach than a good Burkini. Burkini in Dubai is a full body suit designed for women so they can comfortably enjoy myriad beach activities, including swimming and surfing. Burkini comes with a full body suit, leggings, and a head cover usually known as the hijab. Women can enhance their burkini beach experience with various beach accessories, such as goggles and beach sandals, they offer, adds the company.

The company says that they believe that everyone deserves to look great on the beach. That is why they make it a point to provide their customers with perfect beach outfits like women's swimwear in Dubai, regardless of their age or size. In short, everyone who wears their outfits will look amazing, asserts the company.

About Lets-beach.com

Lets-beach.com, a Dubai-based, young beachwear trading company, is offering high-quality swimwear including Muslim swimwear, beachwear, related accessories, Burkini, etc. online. The company has carved a new niche in Dubai by offering these products online. They offer some specialty items that consumers cannot find anywhere else. The specialty items they offer are designer Muslim swimwear, Extra size beachwear, Handmade apparel and accessories, Couple and Family matching beachwear sets.

For Media Contact:

Contact: +971 4 395 0780
(Sun - Thu 10.00am - 9.00pm)
+971 56 274 4614 (Whatsapp)
E-mail: info@lets-beach.com

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Olcatalog.com Provides Weekly Ads for Attractive Deals from Costco and Toys R Us

There are many promos and discount sales included in one place

USA, 21st Nov 2016: Shoppers who wish to have the best online deals from popular stores such as Costco and Toys R Us can consider the aforementioned website. It is a platform that helps people to save money whilst buying items online by providing real-time discounts and coupons. There are many categories of products that have been included in the forum and their latest Costco and Toys R Us deals have proven to be quite popular amongst many enthusiasts.

It is important to know all about the discounts and deals in the offing so as to get the best deals online. There are many sources from which such information can be gathered. Newspapers, circulars, ads on TVs, etc, are some of them. However, the most convenient and up-to-date ones are those that can be identified online from reliable sources. It is important to choose a website that covers a product types so that a large number of people are able to make the most of them.

Olcatalog.com has become a popular forum for such information. It is a comprehensive source that provides extensive promo codes and discounts on a variety of items from top brands. Their latest Halloween based weekly ads from Toys R Us and a wide range of household and other goods from Costco have helped people in saving a lot of money. They

The website says, “Costco and Toys R Us are popular stores and there are many people who are looking for discounts from them. In an effort to consolidate the best discounts from these two entities, we have introduced exclusive pages for them. There are some of the best coupon codes and other sales that can be perused by interested buyers who wish to save money whilst shopping for any requirements.”

To obtain more information about the offers, visit http://www.olcatalog.com/costco/costco-ad.html and http://www.olcatalog.com/sports-toys/toys-r-us-weekly-ad.html.

About the website

The website claims that some of their deals offer discounts of up to 80% on products of various types. Theirs is a genuine source for coupon ads from top stores across the USA. It is a convenient website where people can search for offers pertaining to different items and stores. These are updated on a real time basis and hence, the opportunities are multifold.

Media Contact

Email: olcatalog@bogormedia.com

URL: http://www.olcatalog.com/costco/costco-ad.html and


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Choose RepBuddy for Online Review Management

This Company Helps to Generate Organic Positive Reviews Effectively

21st November 2016 - RepBuddy helps to generate organic positive reviews and also blocks negative reviews. The company focuses on assisting businesses by improving the reputation and business image. It adopts different techniques such as auto responders, adding past customers to the list, customizing the funnel of the company and so forth.

The company is currently offering a promotional sale wherein customers can avail the services for 30 days for free. No credit cards or additional hidden charges are required for this service. This is a special offer valid for 30 days by RepBuddy to help businesses build their reputation.

There are three plans offered by the company which include Starter, Professional and Elite. Each of these plans is inclusive of different features and prices. According to the recent reviews, “Rep Buddy saved my ailing reputation. I thought it would be impossible but I was surprised at the outcome. The increase in natural reviews greatly increased the sales and customer base of our business. Thanks Rep Buddy! We could have never enjoyed our success without you.”

According to Ellie .S “I like the product and the experience very much. It’s a great tool, with user friendly interface and helpful features that help manage reviews and understand what our customers want. It is easier than encouraging customers to write review or the monthly cost of a review service.

RepBuddy follows a strategic plan to build reputation for businesses. Customers can export the list of reviewers and form a contact base. This helps to create a list of brand followers. The company notifies the customers whenever a new review is added to the site. The list of previous customers can also be added to the contact list so that it is possible to have a solid and reliable database. There are options to block the negative reviews that affect the image and reputation of the company. Moreover, clients can leave feedbacks on the website easily with the help of RepBuddy.

To avail the free services offered by the company by simply calling at 323-330-4987 or sending an email indicating your interest. To know more about online review management, please log on to: http://repbuddy.io/

About RepBuddy

RepBuddy is an online review management company that helps customers to build their reputation through positive feedback and blocking negative remarks.

Media Contact

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Dinoderm.com Unveils Exclusive offer on calf compression sleeve for regular use

Highly Durable Calf Compression Sleeve Exclusive

Nov 21, 2016: Dinoderm.com’s calf compression sleeve is a specialty treatment on-the-go to relieve the stress and strain of the calf muscles. They look trendy and can be worn even without covering them. They are adorned by many sports persons which showcases the massive benefit of investing in one. It is often a common issue these days for people leading sedentary lives to develop calf muscle strain. On the other hand there are specific professions where it is required for them to be on their feet for long hours. The calf compression sleeve is an apt buy for either of the extremes. They act as a support to the calf aiding in the healing process and the pain is relieved within no time and without having to invest additionally in medicines.

The dinoderm calf compression sleeve is designed with highly durable material, which holds onto the calf giving it a complete support. People who have been suffering from shin splits, plantar fasciitis and calf strains experience a deep tissue pain which requires special process of home treatments. These treatments sometimes aren’t as effective as well. The calf compression sleeve by dinoderm.com helps the muscles to recover faster as the sleeve operates to heal the calf with continued usage. These sleeves are available in any leading sporting goods store or can be shopped at Amazon. People who pursue running or cycling as an exercise regimen should have the sleeve handy as it is quite natural to experience sprains and aches in the process.

The complete healing that the sleeve provides is increasing the customer base. People find it to be highly durable and easy to maintain. The Dinoderm calf sleeve needs a mild wash and can be used continuously till the calf pain is relieved. The product has been receiving numerous accolades from customers across the world for the way it’s been aiding in healing the calf sprains. Tennis sports stars, cricketers and other active sports pursuers are all relying on this product. The reviews received by the customers are itself a proof for the benefit it’s been able to create for the customers. Exclusive offers are now available on the product.

About dinoderm.com:

Dinoderm.com offers the best support sleeves that can be used by sport people and also for common use. The calf compression sleeve is a new introduction to their list which has been voted to be the best for its look and the relief it provides to the calf. To view the product details log onto http://dinoderm.com

Media Contacts


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Pizzadirocco.com Guarantees Authentic Italian Gourmet Pizza Experience

The only Pizza Delivery in Abu Dhabi serving authentic pizzas

Nov 14, 2016: Pizza Di Rocco is the only pizzeria in Abu Dhabi serving authentic Italian gourmet pizzas at absolutely stunning prices. They take pride in creating their pizzas with the most palatable Rocco sauce seasoned with natural herbs and served fresh from the oven. The pizza delivery in Abu Dhabi is becoming popular for their entire culinary spread of Italian pizzas. This pizza place has also been rated to be the best by Zomato.

The best pizzas in Abu Dhabi are guaranteed only by the free pizza delivery by Pizza Di Rocco. A quick look at pizza options increases the appetite as all the pizzas served here are baked to perfection. The menu offers pizzas, antipasti, salads, lasagna, desserts and drinks. The price at which each of these exotic spread is offered is absolutely competitive. When compared with the other pizza outlets, the Pizza Di Rocco stands ahead in terms of quality, hygiene, taste, freshness and not to miss- the authenticity.

Pizza in Abu Dhabi is well cherished with family and friends and the quick delivery of the pizzas is another winning factor for Pizza Di Rocco. The chef takes extreme care in creating pizzas that bring in the classic flavors merging it with the freshness of the herbs. The gourmet pizzas are a feast for the discerning palate especially for those who have tasted the authentic pizzas. They also take up bulk orders and cater to office, corporate and private parties. The entire crew on board has been trained to bake these gourmet pizzas which can be a feast for any occasion. The menu can be downloaded for quick and easy reference and to benefit from the repeat orders.

The menus are carefully designed for celebrating different occasions. The restaurant menu offers the wide spread of Pizza Di Rocco which can be opted by customers to enjoy in-house or as a take away. They even provide free door delivery across Abu Dhabi. The different menus for parties can be customized to the occasion and the prices at which these extensive options are provided is attracting many customers to have pizza parties by serving the authentic Italian gourmet pizzas.

About Pizza Di Rocco:

Pizza Di Rocco is the aftermath of the Master Pizzaiolo Rocco’s passion for creating authentic style of merging natural herbs with freshly baked pizza seasoned with the special sauce. This authentic gourmet pizza is offered only by Pizza Di Rocco in Abu Dhabi and has become the top rated Pizzeria serving delicious Italian pizzas. For more information on the specialty of Pizza Di Rocco’s pizza visit http://pizzadirocco.com/

Media Contacts

Peter Samaha
E-mail: peter@pizzadirocco.com
Phone: 971 (0)2 666 3567 Address: Salam Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PizzaDiRocco
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PizzaDiRocco
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/107341289332090490660/posts

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Amerigiftbaskets.com Introduces Stunning Thanksgiving Gifts

Amerigiftbaskets.com Introduces Stunning Thanksgiving Gifts | Rankgeek | Scoop.it
Thanksgiving: Time to Give Thanks and Gorgeous Gift Baskets

Nov 5, 2016: amerigiftbaskets.com introduces a whole new range of thanksgiving gifts for this holiday season. They have the best thanksgiving gift baskets offered at unbeatable prices. They can be shopped easily from the web store which assures quick and easy shipping. The categorization of the products is making it easier for customers to make informed choices while selecting Thanksgiving gifts.

The store offers products exclusively for men, women, kids, parents and friends. It has categories like condiments, snacks, fruits, beer, chocolates, cheese and champagne. There are also gift sets available for special occasions like romantic gifts, sports gifts, spring gifts and wedding gifts. This Thanksgiving there is no need to run around to shop for gifts for the entire family from different stores. The gifts for the entire family across age groups and genders can be shopped from amerigiftbaskets.com. The collection has a special recognition for the best-selling Thanksgiving gift baskets which are like a complete package gifting idea for the family.

The exclusive ranges of products come at discounted prices making it easier for shoppers to bank on the reliable products packaged in the gift sets. Thanksgiving is an occasion that is marked with sharing gifts for family, friends and co-workers. This season gifting ideas have been redefined by amerigiftbaskets.com through the gift sets. These gorgeous gift sets have been attracting customers from across the globe. The user-friendly website makes it easier for shoppers to freeze on the best gift set. There are numerous gifts to choose from at absolutely stunning prices making these gift sets even more popular this Thanksgiving.

About Amerigiftbaskets.com:

Amerigiftbaskets.com is an online gift store offering special range of Thanksgiving gift sets for different age groups and genders. They have occasion based gifts and product based gifts to choose from. The gift sets can also be customized to suit the occasion. To view the collection of products log onto http://www.amerigiftbaskets.com/

Media Contacts

Helen Page
United States, Denver, Colorado
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Indianstampghar.com Introduces Sale of Stamps and Coins in the Near Future

After getting listed in BSE, they are allowing people to purchase their products online

India, 08th November, 2016: People who are interested in philately and numismatics can now purchase stamps and coins from the aforementioned website. They wish to launch the sale in a week’s time and invite buyers to invest in these products and expect substantial ROIs in the future.

The Company, Rudraksh Cap-Tech Ltd, is the first of its kind that has been enlisted in the BSE owing to its comprehensive collection. They are believed to hold some very famous historic antiques that will now be made available to the general public on their website. Their platform has been enhanced for the same so that the buyers are able to get a hassle free experience. The auctions are scheduled to be started next week and in the mean time, buyers can take a look at the collection.

The website says, “With our latest venture, we aim to make our name global. There are many people from across the globe who wish to own the old stamps and coins of India and we aim to help them in their endeavors. There are many children and youngsters who are interested in the subjects and wish to learn more about the products. We have included pictures and details of the same in our web pages.”

To obtain more information about the products, visit http://www.indianstampghar.com/.

About the website

The website claims that theirs is a recognized entity that has collected some rare artifacts over the years. These are considered to be of great value by certain investors and hence, the idea of making them available online. It is safe platform with a professional customer service team in place for any queries from prospective buyers.

Media Contact

Kumar Acharya, Rudraksh Cap-Tech Ltd

Address: 301, Camps Corner,

Opp. SRP Group – 4, Near D-Mart, Makarpura,

Vadodara- 390010, Gujarat

Phone Number: 9824055794

Email: info@indianstampghar.com

URL: http://www.indianstampghar.com

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Cactimedia.com Takes All the Inputs and Ideas from Their Clients and Comes up with Ingenious Web Designing Solutions

Companies in Dubai Need Not Search Anywhere Else for Their Web Designing Needs

November 07, 2016: There is great news for companies in Dubai. Cactimedia is offering high quality web design services in Dubai. In fact, they are the only web design company in Dubai, says Cactimedia. They do web design with a focus on conversions and they also incorporate cutting-edge design principles in their tasks.

The company asserts that they are never satisfied with ‘good’ because they want to do only ‘great’ work. Their great work comes from the great team that works with them. They make elegant and beautiful websites for every type of business and brand. They are a tightly knit team of developers, designers, project managers and they take pride not only in being inventive and clever but in being highly resourceful as well.

They assure their potential clients that the digital services they render will get them stunning results because they combine the right strategies with the right technologies, awesome design, brand-focused content and most importantly, creative thinking. When customers seek their help for website design services in Dubai, they come up with ingenious solutions that give them the edge even in the most competitive fields and markets. They have the skill, knowledge and motivation to turn the ideas of their clients into spectacular web interfaces and marketing solutions, says the company.

Their web design process consists of the three steps of listening, laboring and launching. The company proudly says that they have the capabilities, resources and passion to convert even a faint idea of their clients into a full-fledged strategy, thus paving way for their market domination.

When they listen to their clients for getting their inputs, they do so with utmost attention. Likewise, they make efforts to translate the ideas of their clients into reality. Their definition of labor goes much beyond the literal meaning of the word. It is improvised labor in which there is a great synergy between initiative, skill and extreme care. Similarly, when they launch, their focus is on helping their clients in their efforts to take the trust of their customers to fanatical levels.

When they work on web design projects in Dubai and for clients all across the UAE, they tend to travel the extra mile for perfectly designing, developing and marketing their websites. In short, they will see that their clients are delighted and completely satisfied with the end product. They offer a full range of solutions pertaining to web design in Dubai and hence, clients can have tailor-made solutions that can meet their precise needs and requirements.

Cactimedia further says that most of their clients have no experience with websites and online marketing but they know exactly how to manage such projects and set expectations. They even educate their clients along the way. So, they urge those companies that need a website to take advantage of their immense experience so they can stand out from the crowd.

Unlike other web design companies in Dubai, they do not use standard templates but make all possible efforts to design unique sites that are business-specific, emphatically asserts Cactimedia.

About Cactimedia

Cactimedia is offering high quality web designing services in Dubai. In fact, they are the only web design company in Dubai. They do web design with a focus on conversions and they also incorporate cutting-edge design principles in their tasks. They are never satisfied with ‘good’ because they want to do only ‘great’ work. Their great work comes from the great team that works with them. They make elegant and beautiful websites for every type of business and brand. They are a tightly knit team of developers, designers, project managers and they take pride not only in being inventive and clever but in being highly resourceful as well. They even educate their clients on online marketing.

For Media Contact:

Avdhoot Shitre

E-mail: avdhoot@cactimedia.com

Mob: +971 55 5945494

Office 1401, Grosvenor Business Tower, Tecom, Dubai

Tel : +971 4 360 9966

Fax : +971 4 360 6041

Mail : P.O. Box 22767, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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Putlocker.ax reunites the Putlocker.is Unbeatable Streaming

Putlocker.ax reunites the Putlocker.is Unbeatable Streaming | Rankgeek | Scoop.it

A renewed Putlocker.ax site operating on similar channels of Putlocker.is

Nov 7, 2016: The good news for Putlocker.is fans is the renewed service offered by Putlocker.ax. The movie download and video download hub has been non-operational for a couple of days leaving the fans disheartened. The inaccessibility of the actual website has led to unauthorized websites like Putlocker.today and putlocker9 which replicate the same webpage however come with a lot of malware and unauthorized access.

Putlocker.ax has been able to sustain the advanced operation of the earlier web service offered by Putlocker.is. The movie downloads are as easy as they were on the earlier site. They even offer block buster hits like The Secret Life of Pets, Suicide Squad, Jason Bourne, Star Trek Beyond, Ghostbusters (2016) for quick and easy downloads. The site even provides updated episodes of soaps with high quality resolution and uninterrupted streaming. These benefits are attracting the fans of Putlocker.is to Putlocker.ax which even announces the change to the new website. The bookmark for the renewed website can be set through http://i.imgur.com/jPtoq69.png

This is a huge blessing for Putlocker.is fans. There are no unwanted ads or pop ups disrupting the view of the webpage. The movies and the featured movies are constantly updated on the website allowing users to download them or view them online. Putlocker.ax also segregates the downloads under different sections like movies, videos, soaps, TV shows and many more. This allows users to browse through the entire range with ease. The protected source ensures high quality videos and there is no fear of disruptive viruses creeping into the system. This 100% replacement to Putlocker.is is already been accessed by many users already and have claimed to have found no difference between the two services.

Users who wish to download movies and stay informed of the new videos and TV shows should access Putlocker.ax which is as reliable as the earlier website. The reason for Putlocker.is becoming non-operational isn’t known however the new alternate is providing all the services that are appreciated by the users of Putlocker.ax as it’s absolutely free and can be accessed from anywhere, unlike the other malicious sites asking for credit card purchases.

About http://putlocker.ax/:

Putlocker.is is a recognized name of massive movie and video downloads. Since its inaccessibility the new site putlocker.ax has come into the limelight offering everything a fan could enjoy in the yester service. The fast streaming and the blockbuster hits can be accessed easily in just a click. The site is completely secure and user friendly. For a detailed view visit http://putlocker.ax/

Media Contacts

URL: http://putlocker.ax/

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Stressed in the Search for Pet Sitting? Safely Exchange Free, In Home Care PetFam Latest Addition to Vancouver’s Burgeoning Sharing Economy

Longtime entrepreneur Adrianna Hepper creates a pet sitting solution for herself and others in PetFam, a free sharing venture that safely connects trustworthy locals for Vancouver pet sitting exchange.

Brain P., Vancouver: "Our experience using PetFam has been outstanding, having easily found reliable, trustworthy sitters. Length of time away or our dog's special needs are never a problem. My only complaint is that I think the dog might like them better than us!"

Natalie H., Los Angeles: "I thank you for getting this going. I couldn't have asked for something more perfect than PetFam Free Pet Sitting Exchange to fall into my lap at the exact moment I needed it. Keep up the good work."

According to stats published in 2014, 7.5 million households in Canada are home to roughly 5.9 million dogs and 7.9 million cats. Additionally, in a recent Reddit survey, nearly 70% of 209 pet owners shared that they call on friends and family for pet sitting. Ironically, the stomach-churning imposition felt when having to ask the same people if they can sit – again – was listed as a top stressor, nearly equal to concerns about possibility of neglect. Survey feedback also revealed many pet owners opt not to vacation or accept job opportunities involving longer work hours simply because… what about the pets? With travel just around the corner for the 2016 winter holiday season, pet owners are more challenged than ever to find cat or dog sitting for their precious babies while away.

Enter www.PetFam.com, a Vancouver, Canada based labour of love connecting trustworthy pet parents for free sitting exchange. Pet owners simply enter their email address to receive a 5 step guide detailing how to carefully vet others to find safe, compatible connections, then click to join other members in a closed Facebook group. Here they introduce themselves and their pets, describe their needs and geotag their location for easy search. This creates the opportunity to build a ‘petfam’ of other loving pet parents who can be called upon for sitting, thereby reducing incidents of neglect, easing stress and financial burden, and bonding members to their communities.

Since it’s official launch in May 2016, PetFam’s mailing list has seen 349 subscribers, with a rapidly growing FB community of over 185 active care sharers at time of press. Members are located internationally, the majority of which are in the Vancouver and Los Angeles areas.

Like AirBnB, Uber and most dating sites, PetFam is a simple sharing economy tool designed to assist people in finding each other to fill a need - in this case, free pet sitting. Owners who diligently follow the steps provided in the guide discover it is, in fact, easy to protect pets and homes against nearly all intentional harm, in the same ways a parent would check experience and references when hiring a child care provider, or an employer hiring a new company team member.

"Being both a lifelong Vancouver entrepreneur who loves to travel and rescue-pet owner myself, I carefully began pet care swapping through Craigslist over 10 years ago.", says Adrianna, founder of Vancouver hair product manufacturer Knotty Boy Natural Dreadlock Care. "Since then, and without incident, I have enjoyed having a 'petfam' of 4-6 loving people I can call on for unlimited sitting of my own special needs pets, including last minute pop-ins or extended in home stays. We send photos and updates while caring for each others’ cats and dogs to ensure peace of mind, and save hundreds of dollars per year on kennelling or hired pet sitters who may be inexperienced with our particular needs and breeds.

"But the best part? When we fall through our doors, wiped from travel adventures or long working hours to find our little babies fed, exercised and happy, words cannot describe the sense of relief and freedom we feel knowing just a few hours of effort resulted in finding better long term pet care than we could have ever hoped for. For free. Ultimately our pets are happier, and we are happier."

Follow @petfamgram on YouTube, Instagram & Twitter. For more information or to arrange an interview with Adrianna Hepper, please contact: adrianna@petfam.com . 

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Travellation.co.uk Launches Car Hire Comparison Engine Comes with a Fantastic Functionality As Well

Thanks to This New Car Hire Comparison Engine, Hiring Cars at the Lowest Prices Is Now Possible

October 31, 2016: Here is a news that may gladden those who are on the look-out for the lowest prices while hiring cars. Travellation.co.uk has come out with a new car hire comparison engine known as the Travellation Car Hire Comparison Engine using which people can compare all the suppliers' prices at the locations they have requested so they can hire cars at the lowest prices possible.

Travellation adds that they have also come out with a fantastic functionality within their booking engine and this allows users choose drivers under 25. Choosing drivers without credit cards is also possible with this functionality. Similarly, customers who look for low deposits for hiring a car can also use this functionality and derive the benefits they desire to have.

Travellation Car Hire takes pride in pointing out that finding the best prices on Car Hire across the world has now become possible with their car rental comparison search engine. This means they have completely eliminated the need for searching around hundreds of websites so customers can conveniently find out the best price by comparing all the top suppliers in a single booking engine.

Travellation.co.uk adds that they work hard for helping users save on their holiday. They are aware that people slog throughout the year for earning money to enjoy their holidays. They assure people that those who use their comparison search engine can spend less and have the maximum enjoyment during their precious holidays. In other words, these users will be spending their hard-earned money judiciously with their help but can enjoy to the maximum, assures Travellation.co.uk.

In short, users can get the cheapest car hire deals with their car hire comparison engine. They can choose the perfect car size that is best suited for them and their family also and move from one place to another comfortably during their travels. Most importantly, they can hire cars at affordable costs, says the company.

Since they offer a wide variety of car hire options such as car-hire with no deposit and the option of choosing a young driver while hiring cars, etc., users can benefit immensely, says the company. They add that they are aware that users under 25 may prefer young drivers and that is why they have added this feature to their functionality. Users can easily compare all the prices from the top car hire brands like Avis, Europcar and Goldcar, emphatically asserts Travellation.

About Travellation.co.uk

Travellation.co.uk has come out with a new car hire comparison engine known as the Travellation Car Hire Comparison Engine using which people can compare all the suppliers' prices at the locations they have requested so they can hire cars at the lowest prices possible. They have also come out with a fantastic functionality within their booking engine and this allows users choose drivers under 25. Choosing drivers without credit cards is also possible with this functionality. Similarly, customers who look for low deposits for hiring a car can also use this functionality and derive the benefits they desire to have.

For Media Contact:


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