15 ideas on how to celebrate World Radio Day 13/02 | UNESCO | Radio Hacktive (Fr-Es-En) | Scoop.it

Help broadcast the message of UNESCO’s Director-General on World Radio Day in all public, private and community radio. (Forthcoming)

Broadcast messages from World Radio Day supporters including Archbishop Desmond Tutu and UNESCO Artist for Peace, the renowned Panamian pianist and jazz composer Danilo Pérez.

Produce a radio programme or public service announcement on one of UNESCO’s themes for World Radio Day 2013 to be broadcast repeatedly on 13 February 2013.

Organize and broadcast World Radio Day themed debates and discussions with media stakeholders (broadcasters, policy-makers, academics, legal community).

Organize phone-in radio shows so listeners can discuss the importance of radio and share memories of great moments in radio history.

Interview local, regional and national radio personalities on World Radio Day.

Share recordings of your radio show and other World Radio Day themed broadcasts on UNESCO’s World Radio Day SoundCloud page. (Forthcoming)

Diffuse our collection of sound bites on famous UNESCO moments. (Forthcoming)

Diffuse UNESCO’s “Did you know that…” audio series on interesting radio facts. (Forthcoming)

Display and distribute Free and Open software for radio programming and scheduling through UNESCO’s Open and Free Source software portal.

Display and distribute radio training courseware from UNESCO’s Radio Production on Open Training Platform.

Display and distribute free UNESCO products about broadcasting
Publications on Community Media
Publications related to media and information literacy
Publications related to the safety of journalists
Publications produced or sponsored by UNESCO’s Communication and Information Sector

Join the National Commission for UNESCO in your country to facilitate celebrating national events.

Encourage newspapers/radio/television website editors to place a banner on their sites during World Radio Day on 13 February.

Celebrate World Radio Day with the Children’s Radio Foundation, the World Association of Community Broadcasters (AMARC) or local community radio associations.