Radio Hacktive & Smart Radio in Prepa !! (France & Spain - Oct) | Radio Hacktive (Fr-Es-En) |

Following 2nd Jornada Radio 2.0 in Barcelona & 1st Rencontres Radio 2.0 Paris in 2011, Nicolas Moulard & Xavier Filliol present two consecutive events on the 18th of october in France (Ina) & on the 30th of October in Spain (Fundacion Once)

2 specific themes will be developed by professionals from publishers, technical & advertising businesses:

>> Radio Hacktive

How connected Radios offer engaging audio experiences and empower e-listeners communities? Activism, collective actions, social links, freedom of speech, responsible communication, ethic…

>> 'Smart' Radio

When radio is getting “smart” on the Networks: open API, metadata, rich media, audio visualization, timeline, open data, crowdsourcing, holistic marketing, social intelligence...


Workshops – conferences – demos – keynotes – networking - live streams - project pitches with 30+ experts

Organizers / contacts : (Spain) Actuonda / Nicolas Moulard - (France) Les Editions de l’Octet / Xavier Filliol -