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IV Rencontres Radio 2.0 Paris le 13 octobre 2014 à Radio France. Consultez toutes les archives sur et suivez l'actualité sur ce Scoopit (Francais + English) #Multiplaform #Personnal #Interactive #Contextual #Social #Local #Mobile #Hybrid
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Scooped by Nicolas Moulard - Actuonda!

Online radio will start serving ads based on your web browsing

Online radio will start serving ads based on your web browsing | Radio 2.0 (En & Fr) |

Websites show you ads based on other sites you visited. Now, online radio stations will start playing you songs based on the same information.


While marketers have long targeted online radio listeners baed on their zip code or gender, this type of interest-based targeting is new. The ad options, which are the result of a deal between radio service Triton Digital and data provider eXelate, mean radio ads are about to get a lot more specific.


According to eXelate CEO, Mark Zagorski, radio is the “last bastion of context based advertising” but that this will change quickly due to online radio’s growing popularity and the capacity of behavioral-based advertising to scale quickly.


The new interest-based ads will help brands reach users of Pandora, which makes up about 74% of the online radio market, but also the web streams of more traditional radio stations as well.

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Scooped by Nicolas Moulard - Actuonda!

Why Brands are Becoming Publishers [video] - Brian Solis

Why Brands are Becoming Publishers [video] - Brian Solis | Radio 2.0 (En & Fr) |

According to Deanna Brown, CEO, Federated Media Publishing, “Content, in the right context, is ultimately king.”

Welcome to the evolution of publishing, where storytelling, advertising, and technology intersect. By having unhindered access to social and mobile media platforms, brands are experimenting with paid, owned, and earned media to reach connected consumers in their channels of relevance. As brands dabble in publishing, traditional marketing and advertising networks are also evolving.

Federated Media is no stranger to the game. And, on this episode of Revolution, Deanna Brown explores the state and future of brand publishing, content marketing and monetization models, and most importantly, what it takes to engage with connected consumers. As Deanna so rightly observes, this is no longer about eyeballs and impressions, but instead about premium offerings and meaningful engagement. For brands to find success in new media, she believes that brands must look beyond traditional marketing and tell great stories without pushing messages. If businesses can be transparent, be authentic—in the right context—the brand and the brand story can be conversational and influential.

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Context Culture: The Next Music Revolution

Context Culture: The Next Music Revolution | Radio 2.0 (En & Fr) |

Smartphones have changed nearly every aspect of our lives. They have become the personal assistant and digital companion that keeps us punctual, social, and sane. Still, these devices don’t quite shine until we push them — manually launching apps and inputting information. Pandora demands an artist, Urbanspoon requires a cuisine, and Maps wants a destination.

These minor, but collectively time-consuming requirements signal that our devices have yet to integrate our physical settings with our personal interests...


Our devices know us intimately — our habits, interests, connections, and desires. And Facebook’s Open Graph, Amazon’s storefront, and Google’s search know us, too. But until now they couldn’t translate their knowledge about us into value without our help.

Contextual apps like Saga, Friday, and Google Now have arrived, though, revealing a new age wherein our permission and input is merely an afterthought...


Gimbal, a new developer platform, recently enabled the creation of context-aware apps for Android phones and tablets. Its standout capabilities are geofencing, image recognition, and interest sensing. These features may soon be understood as the protons, electrons and neutrons of context-aware apps, and they’re just the beginning...


If integrated properly, context-aware platforms like Gimbal may bring the music industry its most revolutionary breakthrough since the Internet; a personal record store geek that confidently guides us through life with a unique and evolving soundtrack. This geek will compel us to discover new bands, attend more shows, buy more merch, and generally remember the magic of fandom that, for most of us, disappeared with the death of vinyl and the CD.

With the rise of context culture, our temporary musical tattoos may become more permanent and profitable. And developments in technology that once brought the music industry to it’s knees, could enliven and perhaps even empower it for years to come.

Via Nuno Costa Moreira
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