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Radio 2.0 (En & Fr)
Veille V Rencontres Radio 2.0 Paris le 13 octobre 2015 à la Sacem. 'La Radio 2.0  et vous ? Racontes moi une histoire". Consultez toutes les archives sur et suivez l'actualité sur ce Scoopit (Francais + English) #Multiplaform #Personnal #Interactive #Contextual #Social #Local #Mobile #Hybrid
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A wishlist for the next generation of Spotify-like services

A wishlist for the next generation of Spotify-like services | Radio 2.0 (En & Fr) |
Can the next generation of Spotify-like services do a better job of helping you figure out what to listen to next?

Via Pierre Priot
Pierre Priot's curator insight, January 9, 2014 2:56 PM

John Jurgensen at WSJ raises a key issue about digital music: we need to make reliable metadata available.
Switching to cloud and streaming wiped out years of ID3 tagging efforts... 

Scooped by Nicolas Moulard - Actuonda!

Digital Future – where does digital radio stand today?

Ford Ennals (CEO, Digital Radio UK, London, UK)
Marius Lillelien (Head of Radio, NRK, Oslo, Norway)
Michael Reichert (SWR, Baden-Baden, Germany)
Per Borga (Teracom, Stockholm, Sweden)

As the DAB+ standard for digital terrestrial broadcasting continues to roll out across Europe, what is the state of digital radio across the world today?
How is it being adopted in individual countries?
How is FM switch-off going? Is it realistic - and what is the general public thinking about it?
We’ll hear from countries who are taking digital radio forward, and debunk a few myths along the way.

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