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The world after Big Data: What the digital revolution means for us

The world after Big Data: What the digital revolution means for us | Radio 2.0 (En & Fr) |

Never before were politicians, business leaders, and scientists more urgently needed to master the challenges ahead of us. We are in the middle of a third industrial revolution. While we see the symptoms, such as the financial and economic crisis, cybercrime and cyberwar, we haven't understood the implications well. But at the end of this socio-economic transformation, we will live in a digital society. This comes with breath-taking opportunities and challenges, as they occur only every 100 years.


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Gary Bamford's curator insight, May 29, 11:37 PM

Come on, keep up!

Rick Frank's curator insight, May 30, 6:38 AM

This is a bit idealistic but I like the thought process behind it.

James Thomas's curator insight, June 2, 7:27 PM

Two issues with big data in M&E: (1) ethical data use, and (2) monitoring without having to burden someone with more data collection (i.e., using available data).

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Future of Music Business Is About Access, Relevance and Context

Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio

Via Robin Good
Robin Good's curator insight, March 13, 12:28 AM

Valuable audio interview of Peter Petro with Gerd Leonhard who explains what are the key traits that will characterise successful music projects in the near future.

Distribution is closing, Access is opening. Curation will play a relevant role as the new key traits to cultivate are about context, relevance and adding unique value.


Insightful. 8/10

Listen from 3':30" to 6':15".

Original audio interview: 

Mangu TV's curator insight, March 14, 5:57 AM

far out thinking, highly recommended