Radio Benefits From Triggering Its Listeners’ Emotions | Radio 2.0 (En & Fr) |

Companies can stand to reap rewards from creating emotional connections with consumers, and it seems that radio benefits in its own way from emotional triggers.


a main reason for listening to AM/FM radio is to get in a better mood, with another 40% citing this as an important reason. Additionally, about 7 in 10 say that wanting to escape from the pressures of an everyday life is an important or main reason to listen, and about 8 in 10 listen because radio keeps them company.

Overall, the most common main reason given by respondents for listening to AM/FM radio was to hear their favorite songs (53.7%), while 41% say that liking to work with the radio on is a primary reason for listening.

Given its ability to keep them company and improve their moods, many listeners turn to radio as their first media activity of the day.


That’s not to say that radio doesn’t suffer from “unforced errors,” as dubbed by the researchers. Among those 1 in 8 respondents listening to less radio this year, slightly more than half said that too many commercials were to blame, while about half said they didn’t enjoy the programming. Comparatively speaking, radio isn’t being cannibalized by other media: few said they were spending less time with radio because they had increased their time on the internet, watching more online video or TV, or playing video games.


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