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It's a busy day at THE ROOSEVELT HOTEL in HOLLYWOOD, as the WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT has a full slate of events TODAY (5/3).

Opener Looks At Digital Landscape

After an opening presentation by LISTENER DRIVEN RADIO's DANIEL ANSTANDIG, the opening panel, moderated by KENRADIO BROADCASTING Founder/Pres./host KEN RUTKOWSKI, featured SLACKER Pres./CEO JIM CADY, CBS RADIO Local Digital Media Pres. EZRA KUCHARZ, CLEAR CHANNEL DIGITAL Pres. BRIAN LAKAMP, and BBC Hot AC RADIO 2 and Triple A 6MUSIC Head of Music JEFF SMITH discussing the changing digital landscape for radio. 

RUTKOWSKI challenged the panel by noting that his polling of people at his gym turned up no use of radio or broadcasters' apps; CADY noted that the top question a car stereo installer told him people ask is how to connect their smartphones.  When RUTKOWSKI told CADY that SLACKER is "not radio," CADY countered that it is radio, just on a different delivery method, with radio clocks and programmers from terrestrial radio; LAKAMP said that listeners have a social-level relationship with radio personalities that is different from customizable streaming choices (including his own iHEARTRADIO's custom radio offering), while KUCHARZ stressed creating a community ("not just three songs in a row") and asserted that artists can tell you where they were when they heard their songs on the radio for the first time, but can't do that for PANDORA.  And LAKAMP insisted that at CLEAR CHANNEL, "we don't have a digital strategy, we have a brand strategy."

KUCHARZ said that he thought that satellite radio's growth is stagnating, although CADY said that SIRIUSXM "seem(s) to be doing well ... if you deliver quality content ... people are willing to pay for it."  LAKAMP disputed RUTKOWSKI's comment that CLEAR CHANNEL "works slow," offering examples of how the company moves on initiatives and adding that he "wouldn't be working here" if it wasn't that way.  KUCHARZ added that CBS moves fast as well, considering itself a "content company" rather than a radio company.

In a Q&A session, RUTKOWSKI asked the panel to say what their product is and what they sell, and after the panelists did not directly answer the question, RUTKOWSKI noted that GOOGLE considers its product the users and said he was concerned about the companies' "old media ways."  After he noted how NETFLIX and AMAZON are developing their own content, KUCHARZ countered that the companies are partnering with established producers, adding, "it's hard to create new content."  And CADY noted that adding personalities to his streams substantially increases Time Spent Listening.

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