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The open technology platform enables personalized micro-experiences through wearable devices. The 32x36x12.5mm sized device can be worn on the wrist, weighs 22g and is water-resistant. It's the ultimate companion for people who desire more control over their smart devices.

Based on Android the device can be customized with a growing warehouse of Micro Apps and can easily be embedded. The open platform gives developers the possibilty to design their own apps using the WiMM development tools and resources.

On the technical side the device comprises a bi-modal capacative touchscreen, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, an accelerometer, a magnetometer and can have up to 32GB memory capacity.

The application spectrum is really wide: from health&fitness over mobile payment to home automation to name just a few. We are arleady looking forward to all the devices that will be developped with the help of the WiMM.